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How To Care For the Hair Of An Older Woman

Published at 03/22/2012 16:59:04


The Hair of an Older Woman:

Your hair ages like your skin. Most of us know one or two tips on how to defend our skin from aging. We eat foods rich in antioxidants, drink profuse water, use sun block and spend hundreds of dollars on anti wrinkle products but when it comes to woman hair especially for matured women, we are helpless. Women when grow older loses the elasticity of hair. The woman hair also changes with ages due to slower metabolism, her skin also loses its elasticity, wrinkles and lines develops with grey hair. The woman hair changes its wave, pattern, density and texture with ages. Here are few steps for the care of older women hair.

Step 1

Conditioning is important for all hairs especially among older women. When she gets old her hair become less silky and coarser as the moisture level falls with ages, in addition to that, she goes through a process of hormonal changes with ages. A woman aged over 45 must make a deep conditioning with shampoo a routine at least once a week. The woman hair at matured age needs once a month treatment with protein pack formulas to restore strength and long lasting style. The loss of proteins and moisture in woman hair can also be restored by the use of anti-frizz serums as it improves the cuticle layers of woman hair. There are many useful conditioners and shampoos available with sleek and smooth formulas.

Step 2

Many people still believe that the problem of hair lies within the hair itself-this is not true. There are many reasons, one of the reasons that develops with ages among women is as the hair becomes thinner they get sunburn on the scalps. Had they protected this before with proper sun block on the scalp on wet hair and style later when it is dry, they would have been happier.

Step 3

Many women develop adult acne when they enter menopause and get many blemishes on their scalps. The use of anti-acne treatment or astringent with Salicylic Acid is very useful to clear blemishes and clear the pores from debris. Acne cleanser can be used before applying shampoo on woman hair, but these chemicals are harmful if not rinsed thoroughly. However, stay away from the acne cleansers that contain “Benzoil”, they are harmful for the scalp and may lighten your hair especially if you use color to your hair.

Step 4

Grey hairs are although indicator of age but can happen at any age. Many accept grey hair gracefully. When the pigments of the hairs turn grey, the cuticles layers become more solid for most penetration, the process of straightening and perms become difficult with coloring of hairs as well. However, hair coloring can be done easily if swelling of the cuticle layer is done with pre- softening materials.

Step 5

Hair loss is another major problem in mature women. It appears when the follicles under the matured woman hair die. A right product with right style can helps to look younger than really it is.


A matured woman should avoid few things that damage her hair, like; dying hair, stiff maximum hold hair sprays, prolonged use of hot air unless followed by cold air.