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Does Hair Grow Faster With Rogaine?

Published at 03/23/2012 23:39:46


Rogaine contains Minoxidil, a nonprescription product that has been proven to treat hair loss. Although Rogaine was initially developed by the Upjohn Company, it is presently owned by Johnson and Johnson. Minoxidil is perhaps the only nonprescription chemical that has been medically certified for its power to resist hereditary loss of hair. Rogaine can also assist your hair grow faster in some cases. it can make your longer and thicker. Clinical tests have proved that Minoxidil can assist regrowth of hair in both women and men, reduce hair loss, stimulate the growth of new hair, thicken existing hair, but the effectiveness of Rogaine to hair grow faster depends on a few factors.

The greater chance of getting good result is indirectly related to users age, lesser the age better the chance to get positive result. If your hair is thinning, you have greater chance of getting good result of hair grow faster than a bald person. If the bald area is limited to a diameter less than 10 cm, the chance of getting new hair and hair grow faster is more evident in a person than a bald person with greater size of baldness.

If your baldness is not more than 10 years old, you have a better chance of getting positive response from Rogaine. If you are bald on the crown, your response on Rogaine will be better than someone who is bald on the front.


A consumer survey on Minoxidil of over 7,000 men has revealed that after using Minoxidil for three months, 80 percent of the men have noticed a considerable reduction in hair loss. After a continuous use for twelve months, 40 percent have experienced renewed and hair grow faster after the use. So, the effectiveness of Rogaine in curing baldness and assisting you to hair grow faster depends on how long you have been bald, your family history of baldness, your age, type of baldness and area or portion on the head of baldness and your overall physical health.

Minoxidil acts on hair in two ways: it enlarges the miniaturized follicles and it reverses the miniaturization process that lingers the hair cycle growth phases. As a result, the hairs have more follicles during their growth phase and grow thicker and longer. Rogaine should be applied twice daily on your scalp. The follicles grow in cycle. If you want a maximum growth potential, several cycles of Rogaine is prescribed. Rogaine should be applied one hour after shampooing. the absorption to scalp takes two hours time.

Tips and comments

Rogaine is the commercial name of Minoxidil approved by FDA for hair loss treatment with great regrowing properties in some selected cases. Rogaine is available in different forms—lotion and foam. Rogaine in lotion form is free from alcohol based solution should be applied on the affected scalp areas with spray or dropper supplied with the pack, twice a day. Rogaine is available in solution form with two strengths, 2 percent which has a success rate of 30 to 40 percent and five percent with success rate of 50 to 60 percent.


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