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How To Do Your Hair For a Formal Dance

Published at 03/29/2012 17:50:30


Have you encountered facing the mirror for a long period of time thinking how to do hair styles for formal occasions? Have you experimented on how to do hair styles and still not satisfied with the outcome? Or Have you spent too much money on salons just to get the right hair for a dance. This is your lucky day, as you continue reading this article, you will learn more about how to do different hairstyles for your formal dance events.

Step 1

Women have two choices in how to do hairstyles for a formal dance. They can either let their hair fall naturally or pull their hair up in a chignon. This may seem easy to do but this is the usual problem encountered by women. Putting your hair up is the most common how to do hair style used for a formal dance.

Step 2

You can do a classic how to do hair style where you pull all your hair up or a modified hair style where half of your hair is pulled up while the other half is left to fall freely. To do the classic hair up style, first, you just have to brush and gather your hair in a ponytail style and use an elastic band to keep it in place.

Step 3

Create a bun by twisting your hair around the center and use bobby pins to secure it into place. Then use Hairspray to keep your hair intact for the whole event.

Step 4

You can then place flowers, ribbon, jewelled pins or tiara as accessories for your hair. This is just your first option. If you prefer to learn how to do hair style that will allow only half of your hair in a bun, then here are the steps. First, gather half of your hair and tie them in a ponytail and create a bun. Second, curl the bottom half to give your hair a little volume. Lastly, place accessories on the bun to match your attire. Now you have two hair styles to choose from. But if you still prefer to lean on how to do hairstyles to let your hair down, just brush or comb your hair to remove all the tangles.

Step 5

Once your hair is smooth and free from tangles, you can create soft curls using a curling iron or create volume. If you have straight, silky hair, you can just add a simple jewelled headband. For those with short hair, just let your hair fall and use decorated clips that match the dress you will be wearing.


Learning how to do hair styles will save you a lot of time and money. Once you master all these hair styles, you can change from one hair style to another for every formal dance you will be attending. With the different hair styles stated above, you can select one that can complement your attire. Make sure that you will be comfortable with your hair style so that you can have more time having fun than worrying about your hair. Remember that your hair is your crowning glory and the more natural look you have the better.

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