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Advice For Buying a Hair Comb


Hair is considered to be the most important feature of women. Every human is gifted with this natural feature. But everyone does not take good care of it. Consequently, people go through problems like hair loss. Besides, a life full of stress and increased pollution adds to the hair problems among people.

Good hair care can solve many hair problems. Good care includes conditioning, oiling and washing the hair regularly. Besides, using a good hair comb that suits your hair is also essential for good hair care. Usually, we do not take extra care when we buy a hair comb. Using a wrong hair comb can also lead to hair loss. The right combs and brushes will make a lot of difference in setting your hair style.


Hair combs are a universal item and can be found all over the world. Each country has developed its own particular style and choice of materials. The earliest hair combs were made of bone, ivory and wood. Silver, brass and tin were also used for making hair combs. Sometimes, tortoise shell and horn also became common material used in hair combs.

Celluloid changed the history of the hair comb as combs could be made with less expense and they could be made faster. The hair comb has been around for thousands of years. It was used first as a grooming implement and has evolved into many kinds for all types of hair.



Things to consider when choosing a good hair comb:
 Always select a hair comb that has natural and smooth ends. Do not buy combs with sharp edged teeth as they will cause irritation on the scalp.
 Avoid a comb that has narrow teeth. You have to make sure that sufficient space is there between the teeth to avoid hear breakage.
 You have to select a comb that is strong as weak combs usually bend when combing and it does not help your hair.
 Give preference to a hair comb that is seamless as you can prevent hair snagging.

Tips and comments

Just buying a good hair comb is not sufficient--you should keep that comb in a good condition. Always wash the comb with a little shampoo. Always use a clean comb after washing your hair. It is always better to use a comb than a hair brush for wet hair as wet hair is fragile and tends to break easily.

There is a wide variety of hair combs available in the market. There are wooden combs, metal combs and plastic combs. Wooden combs are made of wood like boxwood, cherry wood or pine wood. Wooden combs usually reduce the static electricity produced while combing. These combs also prevent the hair from breaking while combing. The metal hair combs are made of metals like aluminium. These combs are almost unbreakable and help in styling your hair easily. They also help in braiding the hair as well as in the cutting techniques. Plastic combs are common. They are delicate and hence can break easily if they are not of good quality. So, you have to be careful when selecting a plastic hair comb.

By Sia Attavar, published at 03/26/2012
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