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Tips For Getting Wavy Hair Straight


If you happen to be a person with curly or wavy hair, you may want be looking for a new look, such as straight hair. In order to get straight hair, you'll have to learn some of the methods and tips to straighten your hair. This article will provide some steps and tips to get you started.

Step 1

The first thing to do before trying to make your wavy hair straight is buy a heat protection spray. These are very easy to find, leave the hair soft and silky, and protects your hair from any heat damage. While this isn't absolutely necessary, it will make the hair silky and shiny. 

Step 2

Wash and condition your hair with a gentle, but effective shampoo and conditioner. Be sure to buy a conditioner that doesn't leave any residue in the hair. When you're ready to make your wavy hair into straight hair, you'll want to make sure that you're working with clean hair.

Step 3

Use a towel to try and get as much water out of your hair as you possible can, afterwards, spray on an instant-spray, or leave-in conditioner. This will help to keep your hair straight, and avoid frizz.

Step 4

Instead of a brush, try using a wide-toothed comb to comb out your hair before and after the blow-drying process. This helps the hair to place itself naturally around the head. It also preserves your hair style and part.

Step 5

Dry your hair with the use of a hair dryer. Brush your hair in a downward motion at the same time, and try using a blow dryer extension to allow you to bring the hair dryer up close to your hair and the brush bristles. Use a round-bristled brush. This will help your hair to dry straight, rather then wavy or messy. Before blow drying, be sure to spray your hair with a heat protection spray. 

Step 6

After you're done with the blow-drying process, brush your hair to eliminate any knots that may have appeared. Your hair should be fairly straight by this point.

Step 7

To begin the straightening process, put the top part of your hair in a bun. Begin to divide the bottom half of your hair into small, thin sections. Try to limit the size of the sections to only 1 inch wide, and maybe 1/2 inch thick. Brush out any knots, and add the heat protection spray to the bottom half of your hair. Pull the 1 inch section of hair taut, and clamp the straightener onto it. Pull the straightener over that section of hair with one fluid motion. Repeat with the other sections of hair, until the bottom half of your hair is completely straight.

After your done with the bottom of your hair, take out the bun. Brush it out for any possible knots or tangles, and then apply the heat protection spray. Repeat the steps you took for the bottom half of your hair to the top half of your hair.


1. When straightening, use fluid movements for the best results, and satisfactory straight hair.

2. After you're done straightening, examine the front and back of your hair in a mirror to make sure that you didn't miss any spots, and that everything looks the way you want it to.

3. Try different things to style your hair. You might even consider using a curling iron for subtle curls or flips.


1. Once you begin to make your hair straight, don't get it wet. Water will cause your hair to become frizzy, unmanageable, or it will simply undo all the work you've done to make your hair look a certain way.

2. Don't allow your hand to jerk when you're pulling the straightener through your hair. Pull the straightener through in one fluid motion for the best results, and nice looking straight hair.

3. When going outside, bring an umbrella. If going jogging or exercising, consider wearing a sweatband, and pulling your hair up to avoid getting perspiration on your newly styled hair.

4. Once you wash your hair, it will go back to the way it was, and you'll have to re-style it.

By Savanna Lujan, published at 03/28/2012
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