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How To Care For a Wig That Is Made From Real Hair

Published at 03/27/2012 18:47:22


A lot of wigs made of real hair are available in a variety of colors and designs suitable for each person. Wigs are generally known for helping people in hiding baldness and are also used for looking attractive in front of others. However,, many people may use wigs for other reasons as well. There are many women who try out wigs made from real hair because they are not very happy with their own hair. The normal process is to try on a wig before actually purchasing it to see whether its suiting the person concerned. There are many people who buy wigs just for special occasions and also for looking different.

Step 1

The interest and demand for wigs made from real hair is much higher than the artificial ones. The demand for such wigs has been always been high right from the start and is increasing rapidly in today's world. People who are interested in buying wigs often don't want to compromise by buying an artificial one and go for a real hair wig, even though it may cost more than the artificial one.

Step 2

Wig makers and suppliers stock both types of wigs so that they don't lose a potential customer. There are a wide range of wigs made from real hair available with them. They are made from real hair and the hair is taken from people who agree to let the wig makers use their hair for this purpose. Several women are known for going to professional salons and selling their hair for making a wig. An agreement is signed between the two parties and the wig is made.  

Step 3

The hair is treated with a lot of chemicals and cleaned thoroughly before its turned into a wig. Its made in such a way that it looks like real hair. These types of special procedures end up modifying the quality of the hair quite a bit so that the wig can be combed and washed like real hair.

Step 4

Now lets learn how to take care of a wig made from real hair. There is no need to clean it everyday and cleaning it just once a week is good enough. The wig may be rinsed during the summer season if you happen to wear it to a lot of places and occasions. The wig should be combed everyday with a wig brush to prevent it from losing its shape. It should be only cleaned with cool water and a mild shampoo. Never scrub the wig as that will only result in dehydrating it.

Step 5

Dry the wig gently with a towel after washing and then just hang it out to let it dry in the air. You may also use a hair drier for drying it. You can use tools for designing warm hair for styling the wig.

Tips and comments

Always buy real hair wig from a renowned supplier or a salon. Never go for a cheap wig as that can get damaged quickly and may even embarrass you in public. Always purchase real hair wigs of high quality along with the accessories needed for using it.



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