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How To Find the Best Treatment For Your Hair Type


Are you looking forward to get the best possible treatment for hair? But if you want to treat something you definitely need to know the problem with that particular thing, which in this case is your hair. And as a matter of knowing, you must know the type of your hair so that you get to know which the most suitable treatment for your hair is? It is really not difficult to know the type of your hair as there are three major categories of the hair type and they can easily be recognized too and these include the dry hair, the oily hair and the normal hair. The treatment for hair depends greatly on the type of the hair you do have.

Step 1

In the following passage you will learn about the useful tips to find the best treatment for the type of hair you have. If you have the type of hair that is neither dry nor oily then you belong to the few lucky ones that have the normal hair.

Step 2

Using shampoo once in two days, using a good conditioner properly time to time and getting a cream bath for your hair once a month will be enough as a treatment for hair. However the diet also affects the nature of your hair, so eat healthy in order to keep your hair healthy. If you have normal hair and they are long too, then you need to take special care of them, as the longer the hair gets, the sensitive it becomes. Getting a trim every six weeks is also a good treatment for hair because it prevents split ends and makes it look full and healthier. 

Step 3

If you will keep yourself healthy, your hair will remain healthy and that in turn would impart good effects on the fertility of your hair. The dry hairs are mainly due to the lack of essential oils in the hairs. This might be a genetic feature of the person, or it could be due to excessive exposure to dust and pollution or some very warm and hot outdoors where the hair eventually loses their nutrients. It is not very difficult to take care of your dry hair if you know the problem.

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As the treatment for hair depends on how will you take care of it. And so you need provide it with a lot of moisture as much as you can with washing your hair once in a couple of days with the regular use of a moisturizer or a conditioner. After washing your hair with the shampoo, do massage your hair with the conditioner or the moisturizer. Further oiling in regular intervals and keeping your hair covered when exposed to the sun, especially in summers also help a lot to avoid any further damage to the hair.You also need to apply hair masque once to twice a week to restore moisture as a treatment for hair

Step 5

The dry hairs, due to the lack of the nutrients, often get broken up and hence give a very nasty look. The third type of the hair is the oily hair, this type is a tricky one and it needs to be taken extra care of as the hair starts giving off the extra amount of oil than necessary. The treatment for hair for this one is to use a light weight shampoo and use a good hair mask once a week.  This type of hair is also most likely to get attacked by the dandruff as there is a lot of humidity in the oily hair and it is very favorable for the dandruff to culminate.


However the daily washing of the hair with a good shampoo and without the use of a moisturizer can ensure very healthy oily hair and make them shine as well.

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