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How To Take Great Pictures Of Hair

Published at 03/26/2012 21:02:32


If you are doing your own hair and want to take photos for your friends and family members to see or would just like to see the end results of the style yourself, you may want to take hair pictures to use as a reference. It is important to take hair pictures from all angles of the head to make sure you are capturing the entire look of the hairstyle as well as the small details.

Step 1

Before and After:

Before you begin fixing your hair, take a picture of it in its natural state. If you are planning to wash your hair, before fixing it, do so and dry it. Take your hair pictures when your hair is finished drying and has been brushed out. This will allow people who are looking at your hair pictures to compare the natural state of their hair with yours so they can better understand how to fix their hair to look like yours. Do you hair as you normally would and take photos of the after results. If you are posting the photos online or sharing them in an album, be sure to clearly label them before and after.

Step 2

Back and Front:

Take hair pictures of both the front and back of the hair. This will let you and other people see what the hair looks like from both perspective. Some hair style look good in the front and bad in the back and vice versa. If taking before and after hair pictures, do the before pictures from the back and front as well as the after hair pictures.

Step 3

Sides and Top:

It is just as important to take hair pictures from the top and sides of the head. This is especially necessary if you are doing a up-do or a hair style with a lot of curls, layers, or braids. Take a picture from each side of the head and one front above you with the camera angled straight down at the head. This will let you and other viewers see these angles of the hair style.

Step 4

Ask a Friend:

Ask a friend to take the hair pictures for you. A friend will be able to take the pictures from a greater distance and may be able to get better results and angles. Ask your friend to take photos from several different angles, closeup photos and photos of the entire hairstyle from a distance. This will provide unique views that you may not be able to achieve by taking the hair photos yourself.

Step 5

Use a Mirror:

If you are unable to find someone to take hair pictures for you, use a mirror. If you camera does not need a flash, you can use the mirror to reflect the hair image to the camera. Otherwise, you can use a mirror to determine where you need to angle or hold your camera to get the hair pictures you want. Remember, mirrors will reverse the image so when you are ready to label your photos, remember they will be the opposite as what they appear in the mirrored photos.


If you are unable to take your own hair pictures, use the Internet to look up pictures of the same hairstyle.

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