5 Popular Hair Styles in the Uk
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5 Popular Hair Styles in the Uk

Published at 03/26/2012 20:53:13


5 Popular Hair Styles in the Uk

Hairstyles are one of the most crucial features in personal grooming. The way you wear your hair can either build up or let down the appearance of your looks. Fashion and haircuts go hand in hand. People often ignore the importance of haircuts and end up wearing them in unflattering ways. Think of your hair as the extension of who you are. It projects an image to the world about your attitudes, your beliefs, the fashion statement you follow and it can also add to your facial features in an appealing manner. Aspects of styles of hair UK are not so different from the rest of the world, but in their own way they stand out among the crowd. Innovations are necessary when it comes to fashion, thus, every season a new haircut is introduced, the old ones are brought back to life and quite a few forgotten. Women and men are crazy about hair UK. From sophistication to pure metal punk - British fashion and hair UK are iconic and versatile.


History of hair styling is highly variable. In olden times, the hair were seen as the object of decoration and social status. It was a custom for noblewomen to wear their lengthy hair in a complex and extravagant fashion. They were usually drawn in a mass of curls, waves, ringlets or braids. Curling irons, tongs, wet clay and quince seeds were used to design the hair. The women lightened or darkened them by the means of wine, vinegar, leeches, sodium bicarbonate, lime and wood ashes. Later, a tradition of decorating the hair in an ornate fashion arrived, like with pearls, stones, ribbons and precious gems. Servants and stylists were appointed to help the noblewomen in maintaining their hairstyles. Working class women wore their hair in a simple manner. Men's hairs were usually cropped with bangs and fringes. It was a fashion to dye the hair. After World War I, radical changes were seen. Hair were worn in a more natural way and haircuts like beehive cut, pixie cuts and Afro styles became popular. Among men, military crew-cut or shoulder length hair were common. Since then, the hairstyles have become versatile and seen as opportunities to define oneself.


These days in hair UK there are various popular trends. Among men, the current top hair UK styles are the following. Caesar cut resembles the hairstyle of Julius Caesar. Several celebrities have been seen sporting this look for ages. The hair are cut short with straight horizontal fringes which are ideal for men with longer faces and wavy hair. Buzz cut and Business-Man haircuts are suitable for men who enjoy low maintenance hairstyles with a little touch of sophistication. Shaggy long hair and fauxhawk are quite popular among the young men. For women, there is an extensive range of hairstyles. In hair UK, Bob Cut is still one of the contemporary styles. Perfect for all ages and face shapes, it gives a sassy and classy look and adds volume to hair. British Pixie haircut has made a comeback in late 2010 and has become one of the favorite styles. It is trendy, convenient and gives an adorable and sexy look to the face. Not all women are into short hair. Long hair fashioned with bangs, layers or steps, arranged into simple, rope or french braids, high ponytails, buns and curls are favored by millions of women and are never out of fashion.

Tips and comments

Women's hairstyles can be accessorized with hairbands, clips, scarves, scrunchies, beads and flowers for different occasions. Blow dryers, straighteners, curling tongs, hair mousses and gels can help you style your hair in any manner you want. If you are not sure about what kind of style would suit you, hairstylists are everywhere to solve the problem by giving you the right advice. When it comes to hair, the options are endless but the choice you make should go with your face and body. A great style gives you a boost of confidence and can impress others around you.