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5 Tips For Cutting Hair

Published at 03/26/2012 17:52:58


For many women, the old saying that a woman’s crown and glory is her hair is true. Women are very attached to their hair and go to great lengths to take care of it. They perm it, color it, straighten it, highlight it, mousse it, gel it, spray it, condition it and curl it in order to achieve the look they want. Speaking of lengths, many women spend years growing their hair out and no matter how damaged it is, how long it is or how desperately they should have it cut, many will refuse to part with that excess hair. There are many advantages to cutting hair though and the benefits of cutting outweigh the benefits of continuing to let it grow without even a trim. Cutting a significant amount of hair off will allow for a healthy new cut that will be softer, brighter and healthier. A new cut can shape the face and give you a whole new look that is more current and different from your usual style. Getting even a short trim every six to eight weeks will get rid of those pesky split ends and allows hair to grow quicker and healthier. Cutting hair is beneficial to the overall health of your hair and, whether you think it does or not, trims do help hair grow quicker. Below are some tips to help you overcome your fear of getting your hair cut and some tips to get the best cut that suits you every time.

Step 1

Before cutting hair, you should start with some research to help you find the best stylist to handle your specific needs. Ask friends and family, search for reviews online, research the salons in your area to see what they say about themselves and what others have to say about them.

Step 2

Once you have found a reputable salon for cutting hair, you are ready to make your appointment. During the week, in the morning is the best time to make an appointment because it will not be busy and you can be guaranteed full attention and that your hair cut will not be rushed due to distractions.

Step 3

If you plan on cutting hair, you will need to decide exactly what you want in order to get what you want. Look through magazines and clip out anything that you like so you can show it to the stylist.

Step 4

When you arrive for your hair cutting, be very specific about what you want and show the stylist any pictures you have of your desired style.

Step 5

When you arrive for you hair cutting, it is also a good idea to let the stylist know what you want but also that you are open to suggestions if the style you want will not be suitable for your hair type. Just because something looks good in a picture, does not mean it is suitable for you and your hair type.


For women with long hair that they have been growing for a long time, a hair cut can be a scary experience. But with the right research and the right stylist, you can get something that will make you look better than you ever imagined.

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A good hair cut can make you look younger, feel better about yourself and help you feel more confident. A good hair cut can completely chance your look for the better and there is nothing wrong with a bit of change every now and than!