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Top 5 Hair Salons in the Uk


UK is renowned for having some of the best hair salons in the world, and below is a list of the top five UK hair salons:

Andrew Barton Salon

This is one of the hair salons in UK recognized for doing excellent work on your hair, it is owned by Andrew Barton who is a television star. Although the salon rides on his name for marketing purposes, his trained staff does the job excellently.

The services from having a simple cut to monochromatic blondes and hair dyes, while waiting for other clients to be served you are served with tea and biscuits a real positive gesture of customer care. This is one UK hair salon popular with beauty editors ranked among the best its located in Covent Garden a really beautiful place.

Atherton Cox

When it comes to the UK hair salons that stand out, this particular one has caused ripples in the industry. It has been in existence for more than ten years, the staff is well trained and the management know all about beauty trends, it is no accident that it has an award winning team.

Going for the cut will make you look gorgeous and its quite affordable to have one, eye lash extensions are done with expertise that will make you come back next time. It is in this UK hair salon that you will find yourself treated with VIP status that you deserve as customer is king.

Aveda Institute

When you want a professional UK hair salon with an ambiance of great comfort then go for the Aveda Institute. It is a leader in beauty products of all skin types, this is the only UK hair salon that you will have unmatched pedicure and manicure in a more relaxed manner.

The staff are disciplined they will not itch your ears with unnecessary gossip, or try to intrude your private life with queer questions. You will also find better hair treatment and advice on how to make your hair glow all the time. It is definitely worth visiting and getting the value for your money.

Charles Worthington

The high levels of sophistication at this UK hair salon is something that you will realize the moment that you step in, no sooner have you sat than you are served with drinks to keep you busy as you wait for your turn. Blow dries are done exceptionally well; the friendly staff can also give you a quick perfect cut of your desire.

Manicure and pedicure are of great quality, after the job is done you just appreciate the worth you have got from visiting the place. This is one of the UK hair salons that are highly ranked due to the work they deliver to their esteemed customers.

Daniel Hersheson

Twenty years down the line, this UK hair salon has developed a big base of regular customers for the kind of quality services they offer. It caters for many customers irrespective of age and gender,going for a cut at this salon you will always receive the exact specification for what you want.

In addition, get uncharged advice on what really suits your hair type. It is one of the UK hair salons that gives you affordable facials and waxing to make you more admirable, the staff is welcoming and professional in all that they do. Uk hair salons have cut a niche in the market making sure that they deliver what they promise.


By Raphael Raphael, published at 03/27/2012
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Top 5 Hair Salons in the Uk. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.