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Tips For Styling African-American Hair

Published at 03/27/2012 11:59:02


African hair is considered to be dry and coarse thereby making it more prone to breakage. It is there fore important to know how to take care of African hair so as to prevent breakage and frizz. Below are the tips for styling African American hair:

Step 1

First before proceeding to style African hair it is important to make sure that it is smooth and manageable at all times making it easy to style. One can do this by applying deep protein conditioner on the hair at least 3 times per week.

Step 2

Always make sure that any hair products you buy from the drug store from shampoos, conditioners and hair food are specifically formulated for African hair. Since African hair is prone to drying out especially at the scalp, it is important that one goes at least 24 hours without washing the hair. Apart from that it will also prevent the African hair from having a bad reaction to the chemicals from the styling products that one will be using to style the hair.

Step 3

The great thing about African hair is that there are very many ways in which they can be styled depending on the length. For naturally curly look for hair of all lengths, it is advisable to apply equal parts of a leave-in conditioner and strong gel to wet hair. Proceed to comb thoroughly evenly always using a wide toothcomb which won’t cause any breakage. Allow it to air dry and do not touch so as to maintain the smooth curls.

Step 4

To create a sleek bob on African hair it is important to start by washing and drying your hair using deep conditioning products. Using a wide-toothed comb, part the hair into sections which are each wrapped around in large rollers. The next step is to sit under the hair dryer until it is almost dry.

Now remove the rollers and complete drying your hair with a blow dryer together with a jumbo round brush that will be used to roll the ends of the hair. These steps are ideal for the medium length African hair and one can comb down the bangs over their forehead then use a flat iron to smooth it flat.

For long length African hair, one can create full-bodied curls by wrapping the 2 inch wide sections of the hair around large hot rollers. Unlike the sleek bob, for full-bodied curls the hair should be dry. Making sure to roll the hair away from your face then mist each roller with hair spray. Wait for a few minutes until the hair spray has completely dried then remove all the rollers. Use a shine serum by applying it to your fingers then smoothen and blend all the hair sections together.

To avoid thinning and breakage of the African hair, always give the hair weekly breaks from styling which sometimes damages the hair. When going to bed it is important to wear a head scarf made of silk to keep the hair in the desired style and prevent it from dying out or frizzing.