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5 Hair Styles For a Little Girl


Little girls are adorable and cute, but without the right hairdo it’s hardly possible that you’re showcasing them at their best. Hair styles are very important, but these styles also have to be durable and doable. So don't waste hours on their hair. Be smart and utilize a few minutes only to get the best girl hair style which suits your little girl and is worth it.


Hairstyles have always been an important part of your daily routine and outlook and it’s no different for young children. They have to have the best hairstyle too to be the polished and great looking kids that they really are. Hairstyles have come and gone and a look at fashion trends is necessary if you want to pick the right hair style for your kid. Remember that fashion is constantly changing so what you thought was ok around your own time isn’t even remotely acceptable nowadays. Choose your girl hair styles accordingly.


Some of the great girl hair styles that you can have include the Piggy Tails; a somewhat classic but still cute and in fashion nowadays. Then there’s the Pony Tail another cute classic that’s back in style. Then there’s the twist on the original braided piggy tails that you can try out. Another type of piggy tails is the High piggy’s which look the great as well as well as being adjustable to either high or low. You can make little bobs with straight bangs considered lovable and the finest hairstyle for youngsters. They are also easy to maintain making them a first class choice if you don’t want to do a hair style again and again. Half Up Half Down- another new comer to the arena of girl hair styles, you push the hair at the top of the head and put it in a pony tail leaving the foot of the hair out. It’s a little difficult than other girl hair styles but the result is very satisfactory and you might consider the effort worth it. French Braids- Really cute and holds the best out of all other children's hairdos. You can decide to use ribbons in various ways too, use them to make a big bow or intertwine them through the braids. If you want to go for a grand girl hair style then pick the forehead french braid, you basically make a huge french braid across the top of the girls forehead. It’s considered very cute and has the added advantage of not getting in the way when the kid plays. Go for little bows if you are in a hurry and want something quick and pretty, look good wherever you put them on your head.

Tips and comments

Make sure that your girl’s hair to keep hair uncomplicated and long-lasting. Have fun with it. Make the best use of their hair and get the best out of what fashion can provide for your little ones. And it doesn’t have to be expensive or be done by a hairstylist, you can do it yourself too now.

By Sultan Khan, published at 03/27/2012
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5 Hair Styles For a Little Girl. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.