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Hair Styling Tools For a Teenage Girl


Typically, teenage girls want their things to be cute, cool and fun. The tools used for styling teenage girl hair is not an exception. However, these tools need to be useful as well and should not be too expensive.


A good hairstyle doesn't start with the tool for a teenage girl hair, but begins with a healthy head of hair. To achieve healthy hair:

  • The foundation of healthy hair is keeping it clean. Shampooing and conditioning should be done regularly. Choose the shampoo and conditioner that is best suited for your hair. There are many on the market. If in doubt, consult a hair stylist for assistance.
  • Trim your hair often. Trimming removes the damage ends that causes breakage. The hair grows about a half an inch per month. You should trim your hair as often as it grows. However, healthy hair requires a little less trimming. The frequency need for trimming your hair can be gaged by the health of your hair.
  • As the saying  goes, "We are what we eat." Eat a balanced diet to obtain to maintain a healthy head of hair. Take hair vitamins if you don't eat a balanced diet to promote healthy hair.
  • Drink plenty of water to keep your body healthy and well hydrated. Drinking the proper amount water is important to your overall health and to your hair.

Following these hair care tips will help you maintain beautiful and healthy teenage girl hair.


Styling tools the teenage girl hair:

  • Hair Accessories - These can jazz up just about any hair style. Accessories come in many styles and variations such as hair bows, hair pins, hair ribbons, hair clips and headbands to name a few. Prices range varies depending upon item.
  • Mini flat iron - This flat iron has a lighter weight than regular size flat irons. For quick touch-ups to the hair, it fits easily in a purse, book bag or overnight bag. Teens  will love the colors and designs of Baby Croc by Croc. Prices range around 25 US dollars.
  • Hair Brush - But not just any hair brush will do. Teens will love the Diva Does Hair Brush. These brushes are so cute and can be personalized. The hairbrushes come in many themes to choose such as Chocolate Diva, Spa Diva, Shopping Diva and many more. The price range is around 10 US dollars.
  • Mini Pro Hair Dryer - Like its larger counterpart it has the power to get hair dry fast but, fits easily into purse, backpacks and overnight bags for a quick  hair touch up. One to try is the CHI Pro Hair Dryer. Price varies depending upon store. Can be purchased at discount stores such as and online at eBay.
  •  Mini Curling Iron - Yes, these are cute and cool. Used for curly styles, the larger curling iron works great. But, it is more convenient for traveling. Stores easily in book bags, back packs and small purses. One to try: Solia Mini. Prince ranges around 30 US dollars.

Tips and comments

Hair Styling tools for teenage girl hair can be stored in baskets under the sink for less clutter in the room or bathroom.

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