How To Use a Hair Clip
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How To Use a Hair Clip

Published at 03/28/2012 18:39:13


How To Use a Hair Clip

A hair clip is a hair accessory that normally is used by young girls to slightly tie up their hair or to fasten with a clip and hold tightly the hair. Hair clips are of various types but normally include hair pins, small jaws etc. They have various and numerous uses as well like hair clips might be used as just fancy clips, or for clipping hair extensions, holding hair while sectioning and cutting them etc. Moreover the use of hair clips, nowadays, has not only been limited to ladies even men use hair clips and there is s massive range of colors and styles of hair clips available in the market for them as well.


How To Use a Hair Clip

Some of the ways as to how a hair clip can be used are:
Ordinarily the most frequently used clips are claw clip and for that it is necessary to get a claw clip of whatever color you choose. Just take your hair back as much or as little as you like and clip it on. That’s how you get a simple nice look. Another way is to use them for up tulip hair style which might require more than one hair clip and the great thing about that is that you can use as much hair clips as you want.


Mini bright clips are cute and colorful clips normally used by the young school girls. At times they cannot be used by the ladies because of their straight hair that they want to hold back. But if they are being used for the little girls they are very cute. They basically open and close their metal and shut hold the hair at its place. To use them just pick a small fraction of your hair and clip them back as you want. Again it’s entirely up to you that how many clips of different colors and styles you want to use at a time. They can be very useful in making a number of different styles but mostly they are famous as they can hold even the smallest length of hair specially the case when you have layers cut to your hair.


Next is how to use jaw clips? For this first brush your hair back into a pony tail and grasp hair firmly with the hand making sure that the pony tail is placed on a comfortable spot at the back of your head where most hair will be held together. Then pull pony tail up toward the ceiling and begin twisting either to right or the left while holding the ponytail close to your hand. With one hand - cups roll, the bottom of the twist using your fingers to tuck in and secure the hair at the bottom of the twist. Continue twisting the pony tail to the ends. By pulling pony tail about half way down the twist, begin tucking the hair and continue using a cup and roll motion with the hands and fingers making sure all the ends are under the twist and secure. Then open the jaw clip with the other hand, hold the twist with the jaw clip and make sure that it clips secure.