5 Remedies For Dry Hair
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5 Remedies For Dry Hair

Published at 03/27/2012 18:42:24


5 Remedies For Dry Hair

Hair care is very important and there are many ways through which you can make them beautiful. Brush your hair regularly with a mild shampoo, condition them, rinse then after one day, keep away from sun. Don’t brush your hair when they are wet. Hair dry occurs when oil and moisture are no more. Hair becomes rough, dull, shine less and straw like. Hair dry also happen due to much exposure to the sun and wind.


5 Remedies For Dry Hair

Symptoms of hair dry are when they can break off easily, feels rough and becomes very difficult to manage then they surely have become dry. Hair dry is caused may be due to excessive caring, environment, Disorder in eating, not having a good diet, sickness and taking a lot of bath.

Some remedies for hair dry are: vinegar is a great conditioner. Rinse your hair with it. It gives shine and cleanliness to hair. Just rinse your hair with 1 tablespoon of vinegar. Another is that make a paste of avocado and banana and apply it on to your hair. After one hour rinse thoroughly.


5 Remedies For Dry Hair

Egg is also very helpful for hair dry. Beat one egg and then apply it on all hair and after half an hour and rinse with a good shampoo. You will see the effect yourself. Another is that beat an egg yolk until form is formed. Add one table spoon of oil and beat again. Add one cup of water and massage into the hair thoroughly. And then rinse.

Rub coconut oil into the hair dry. Keep it over night and in the morning rinse. Hair dry looks the same after washing. External and internal factors both cause hair dry. External factors may be using a cheap shampoo, not taking cure while going in the sun, taking bath with hot water. Internal factors may be due to medicines, lack of nutrients, illness, and cancer.

One must avoid over shampooing to keep away from hair dry. Shampoo washes the oils from the hair. Condition your hair regularly it helps in hair breaking. Hair dry causes split ends, trip your hair after 6 weeks. Heat can damage the hairs also, for straightening try to use plastic cylinder rollers and for curling use sponge rollers. Take some mayonnaise and coat your hair from root to tip. Cover with a cap and wait for 20 mints and then wash with good shampoo. Some recommendations are as follows: Try to use a sulfate shampoo, eat well take care of your diet.


Hair breakage occurs when improper treatment is given to your hairs. If relaxers are used in the wrong way then they can cause hair damage. Similarly perming the hair can also damage the hairs and dying your hair affects. To prevent hair dry add one spoon of shikakai powder to one cup of coconut milk and massage in your hair and leave for 20 minutes and wash your hair. Warm some coconut milk and add some lemon juice in it. Massage thoroughly and you will see that dandruff will be removed.