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Benefits Of An Ionic Hair Dryer

Published at 03/29/2012 21:05:14


There seem to be many women who have heard of ionic hair dryers, but do not quite know what all of it is about. Ionic hair management products are being hailed as the biggest step forward in the haircare industry, and it is claimed that with every use of the ionic hair dryer, your hair will have better structure and you will have to spend less time and products on making it look its absolute best. This article will help you by listing how an ionic hair dryer works, the benefits of the same and whether it is a good idea to buy one.

When wet, the hair is positively charged, or rather, the water is positively charged and is in excess. An ionic hair dryer will use both heat and negative ions on your hair. The negative ions and positive ions already present in your hair are attracted to one another, and the negative ions reduce the water particles to a smaller size. These particles can now penetrate your hair well, and keep it rehydrated and glossy.


The benefits of an ionic hair dryer are as follows:
Manufacturers of ionic hair dryers claim that they cut down the time it takes for the dryer to dry your hair. This is supposed to happen because traditional hair dryers emit positive ions, which means that only heat is used to dry the hair, taking more time than that required by ionic hair dryers which work with both negative ions and heat. However, this does not seem very noticeable in practice, and most magazines and bloggers which have reviewed ionic hair dryers say that the time taken is the same.

It is definitely true that heat damage is minimized when ionic hair dryers are used. As mentioned above, water particles are locked within the hair, and they make the cuticle lie flat – this means frizz and dryness are reduced. Also, the hair seems to be more glossy and shiny, thanks to all the moisture locked within. That ionic hair dryers lead to reduced frizz and increased shine is agreed upon by most reviewers.


What is important here is that you need to pick the right ionic hair dryer. For this, you need to see the wattage mentioned on the ionic hair dryer. The higher this is, the more heat will be generated. It is a good idea to use high wattage if your hair is thick and long, and to use low wattage if you have fine, thin hair, or hair that is cut short.

It is true, though, that ionic hair dryers can cost quite a bit. However, the hair dryers which reviewers seem to love most are in the $20-25 category, though they can cost up to $300. Make sure you read enough reviews before you decide which ionic hair dryer to buy. A good idea would be to try out a friend's ionic hair dryer first!

Tips and comments

Ionic hair dryers also tend to weigh more than traditional dryers, so that is something else you may have to keep in mind before you buy a new ionic hair dryer.