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How To Keep Your Hair Out Of Your Eyes


Long hair is something that most women want even though they are aware of the maintenance involved in taking care of it. It may look good to have long, flowing hair, but it requires a certain amount of work every day. It needs to be cut frequently, it needs to be conditioned and looked after every day. This can be expensive and time-consuming. Another hassle that is associated with long hair is that it often finds a way to fall in front of your eyes and obstruct your view and cause discomfort. There are ways to prevent his from happening and below are some tips on how to keep your hair out of your eyes but still keep it looking good.

Step 1

To keep hair out of the eyes, have some accessories on-hand such as head bands, elastics, bobby pins and hair clasps. Head bands can be used to pull hair back from the front. Elastics and hair clasps can keep hair out of your eyes by holding sections of hair pulled form the front and secured in the back. Bobby pins are great for securing side pieces. There are various styles that be done with even the basic updo, the ponytail. Search on the internet for ideas or simply practice doing different things with your hair.

Step 2

Keep bangs and side layers properly trimmed so that they do not get too fly-away and out of control and this will help keep hair out of your eyes. Bobby pins and other clips are great for keeping hair pulled back until you are able to see your stylist.

Step 3

Wear a hat on very windy days to keep hair out of your face and out of your eyes. There are many stylish hats available for women so no need to worry about having to sport a boyish baseball cap to keep hair out of eyes!

Step 4

When styling hair, use gel and hairspray to hold styles in place and reduce movement to keep hair out of your eyes. There are many different styling products out there that are made specifically for certain types of hair and styles.

Step 5

Get short bangs. Short bangs ensure that most of the hair in the back will stay back there or can be stylishly pulled back while the short hair in the front stays put. This is very helpful when trying to keep hair out of eyes and it is a good change for any look.


As you can see, there are many ways to keep hair out of eyes. There are more things that you can do if you use your creativity and imagination. The amount of accessories and styling aids that are on the market to day and are made specifically for making hair stay put and keep hair out of the eyes is astounding.

Sources and Citations

There is nothing more annoying than not being able to keep hair out of your eyes but rest assured that it does not need to a problem for you anymore. If all else fails, you can always ask your stylish for solutions on how to keep hair out of your eyes and they may have some great ideas and suggestions.

By A McEachern, published at 03/29/2012
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