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How To Dye Your Hair Blue

Published at 03/30/2012 04:34:27


There are so many things you can do with your hair, especially women. For any woman, her hair is usually her crowning glory and prized possession that she invests time and money into to ensure it looks good at all times. Hair can be worn short or long. It can be permed, curled, straightened, relaxed, layered and crimped. It can be tied up in an updo, a ponytail, a braid or a bun. And it can be colored. Many women chose neutral colors to dye their hair and usually it is to go from blond to brunette or vice versa or to highlight their natural color but some women chose to take the hair coloring a little further. These days, the colors that are available are endless and include every color of the rainbow and beyond. Blue hair is becoming quite popular and there are a number of shades in which women are turning to either to streak their hair blue or dye their entire head. Below are some tips on how to dye your hair blue.

Step 1

Young people in particular tend to try unique and off-the-wall ways to dye their hair. One way to dye hair blue is to use food coloring which does work but the effects do not last very long and the color is not as vibrant as with other ways. This method is best used for streaks or highlights and for someone who prefers the color to wash out over a short period of time.

Step 2

Many specialty stores sell hair dye that is specifically made to dye hair in off-beat colors. These dyes are usually semi-permanent and quite easy to apply on your own if you want to dye hair blue.

Step 3

Many drug stores and department stores sell spray on and comb in hair dye that lasts one or two washes. To dye hair blue with these products is also very easy and cheap and the effects are not permanent.

Step 4

Anyone who has black hair or naturally dark hair can use the drug store hair coloring that comes in the box and has to be mixed and applied at home. There is a range of very dark blues that are meant to make black or very dark hair have a blue tinge to it. This is great for people who want to dye hair blue but want subtle results.

Step 5

The final, and more expensive but more thorough way to dye hair blue is to seek the services of a professional stylist. This will ensure that it is done right and in a way that is suitable to you and your needs. This dye tends to be permanent and will require specific upkeep to keep it looking healthy and to keep the color from fading.


Blue hair was always popular among young people in certain social groups but it is now entering the mainstream and people of all ages are sporting blue hair of varying shades.

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Certain types of blue hair dye can be purchased in many drug stores and department stores but it can also be found in some clothing and specialty stores. It is generally inexpensive and easy to use.