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The Cost Of Laser Hair Removal


A lot of people nowadays want to have that perfect flawless skin. They want to get rid of those scars, stretch marks and even hair to have a smooth and silky looking skin. Hair removal treatments have become popular these days and there are already a lot of clinics which offer this kind of treatments. Two of the most popular hair removal treatments nowadays are laser hair removal treatment and waxing. Between the two, hair removal treatment is preferred by those who can afford since it guarantees no hair growth after having finished all the sessions. There three main factors that contribute to the laser hair removal cost. These are area treated, geographical area, and the type of clinic.

Area treated

The basic factor that affects the laser hair removal cost is the area treated. Typically, smaller areas have smaller costs compared to larger areas. Aside from the quantity of hair that each area would have, the total time for hair removal, the total sessions needed, and the density of hair in the area are the sub factors which contribute to the overall price of the hair removal treatment. An upper lip hair removal treatment can cost between $50 to $150 per session, a bikini line and underarms hair removal treatment can cost between $100 to $250 per session, and a leg hair removal (from the ankles up to the bikini area) can cost between $600 to $1200 per session.

Geographic area

Like in any other businesses which offer services especially treatment services, the geographic area always is a factor for the cost of these treatment services. Treatment services in small towns have different prices than those in the big cities. There are a lot of factors in a geographical area that affect the business such as demand, competition, and population. Treatment services in cities come up with different pricing strategies to keep up with competition while treatment services in small towns also come up with different pricing strategies based on the demand and the population. This would mean that there may be some instances that a laser hair removal cost is cheaper in big cities than in small towns or it can also be the other way around.

Type of clinic

There are some clinics that offer skin and hair treatment services which are manned by trained individuals. For clinics such as these, the laser hair removal cost is much more affordable. However, there are some people who want to entrust these hair removal procedures to the professionals such as the plastic surgeons or dermatologists. In this case, the laser hair removal cost is much higher compared to those clinics which are just manned by trained individuals. Plastic surgeons or dermatologists usually ask for a professional fee aside from the basic cost of treatment. Since the hair removal treatment would need multiple visits, people would have to pay a professional fee every time they have their treatments done. However, there are some plastic surgeons or dermatologists who would waive their professional fees for the next treatment. This is a strategic way to also deal with competition with other professionals and with other skin and hair treatment clinics as well.

By Bob Meadow, published at 04/03/2012
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