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How To Open a Hair & Beauty Salon


It is no wonder that salon hair & beauty is a good business idea. It is a rapidly growing recession proof venture. People are constantly trying to look good or give themselves a new look. The beauty industry is one of the fastest growing industries. The essentials of a successful business endeavors are, set clear goals and stay focused. Your salon hair & beauty will need few primary criterion to attract first time customers, they are, location, environment, convenience and reputation (reputation of the owner or beautician).

Step 1

Here are few steps on how to open a hair and beauty salon:

Before the beginning, ensure whether you can manage every aspects of the business. Conduct your own research on all the activities including the commercial aspects involved in the business mentioned below.

Be aware of the local legislation and health requirements on health and safety measures, licenses and permission required, etc.

Step 2

Choose an ideal location with good opportunity of success within your budget. This is the most critical step involved among all other factors.

Create a safe and clean atmosphere appealing to your potential customers.

Your salon hair & beauty should offer wide range of service like hair, face, nail, skin care and many others services in one area.

Step 3

You must hire trained and qualified specialized personnel for your salon hair & beauty.

Client satisfaction should be your ultimate goal. The main business of any business is to secure and retain customer.
You can add sale of professional beauty and hair products with your salon hair & beauty services.


Step 4

Start Up Requirements:
Your initial investment in the business of salon hair & beauty will depend on the scale and size of your business you want to do. It means the space you will need and its terms, quality of service you plan to offer, decoration, furniture and fixtures, equipments, rent and other deposits, working capital you will need initially and many others. We will discuss some of the vital and capital intensive items here.

A good salon hair & beauty business demands a minimum 500 square feet of space. If you want to add variety of operations there, your space requirement will gradually go up as per your plan. The terms on which you will manage the space unless you have a place of your own, will dictate the involvement of fund.

Step 5

You will need trained skilled personnel from the day one you start your business. Initially you cannot expect many regular customers to cover your daily expenses. You have to start with some liquid fund in hand to pay for these expenses and liabilities for the initial period. This fund is called working capital; calculate how much you will need so.

Add the cost of equipments you have to purchase for your salon hair & beauty. Here are few basic things like mirrors, revolving chairs, wash basins, hair drier, aprons, manicure sets, supply trolleys, etc. There are many other types of equipment you have to buy depending on the services you wish to offer.


AS an owner of a salon hair & beauty you must remain aware of certain risks and liabilities like accidents, inherent risks of a botched procedure (rashes due to improper waxing), etc. Have proper insurance coverage to protect you and your establishment from liabilities and lawsuits. Check the earlier service records your beauticians.

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