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How To Create Big Hair

Published at 03/29/2012 23:38:56


If you want big hair, glamorous hair, over the top hair, then you have come to the right place! This guide will teach you to maximizes those tresses to create a volumistic look that will blow your mind! There are many ways to get big hair, but I will share with you the easiest methods, so you will have no excuse not to be rockin' that big hair immediately. So sit back and learn a thing or two about getting your big hair so that you create this style on your own hair.

Step 1

The first step to getting big hair is to use volumizing shampoo and conditioner. These shampoo products actually expand your hair cortex and make each strand fatter and more volumized. This is an important step, because traditional shampoos will weigh your hair down and leave you with flat, lifeless hair. A good volumizing shampoo can lift those strands and make them stand to attention, giving you that big hair look that you dream of.

Step 2

The second step to getting big hair is to use a volumizing product. A good root product can bring life to your roots and make them stand on their ends. You will need to rub the volumizing root product into all of your hair root areas. Then you will need to brush your hair to detangle it. This is also a good time to add shining serum to the rest of your hair so that you don't get any frizz while you are adding volume to your hair. Make sure that you get the serum on the ends of your hair to protect from damage.

Step 3

Once you have the product well disbursed through your hair, it is time to get big hair! You will need a blow dryer and a big, round brush. Flip your hair entirely over and stay with your hair flipped over and your neck down. As you use the blow dryer and round brush, you will lift the hair at the roots as it dries to give it massive volume. Make sure that you also smooth the hair as you lift and dry it. Once your hair is halfway dried, you will need to give your roots a light spray of hairspray. Volume hairspray is the best and will make your hair even bigger.

Step 4

Continue drying your hair to create that big hair style that you want. Once your hair is completely dried, you will need to run your fingers through it to remove any tangles or knotted areas. Once you are satisified, take a small amount of shine serum and run through the ends to polish them. Then, lightly spray the area of your hair and wait a few seconds until it dries. Once it dries, in a big, sweeping motion, flip your hair back over. Your hair will be over the top big at this point, but don't worry, we can fix it!

Step 5

Put a little bit of hair serum on your hair and kind of smooth out your layers and ends to create a more polished look. Take a teasing comb and tease slightly at the roots of your crown to create that famous bumped look that Hollywood loves. Make sure that your bangs are smooth and that your ends don't look frazzled. Once you are happy with your results, make sure that you spray your new do well with hairspray. Again, volumizing is best. You will be pleased with the fabulous volume that you can achieve in just a few minutes of work.


Use the best volumizing products.

Dry your hair with it flipped over.

Use serum and hairspray.

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