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How To Care For Your Hair After a Perm

Published at 04/03/2012 01:24:48


A perm or permanent wave is a type of hairstyle in which chemicals are added to your hair to mutilate and reform the bonds of the hair. This causes the hair to swell, stretch and soften, molding around the shape of the perm rod  ( a device that is used to create a perm). Once you get a perm you will need to carry out certain steps to maintain your new hairstyle.

Step 1

A prominent and chief step that your should undertake after your hair is permed is to not wash your hair 24-48 hours. After a perm your hair will be quite delicate and susceptible to outside influences, thus its important to not apply shampoo and conditioner to your hair during this 1-2 day period. This time duration will allow your hair to adjust to the applied chemicals and to restore its pH level. This step in caring for your hair after a perm allows for the possibility of a more durable perm hairstyle( can stay in that formation for around 3-4 months) and prevents the possibility of your perm becoming frizzy, dry, unmanageable and the curls will stay in place. When this time duration has ceased ensure that you shampoo and conditioner your hair with a formula made for chemically treated hair. This type of shampoo will be ideal for your new fragile hair as it contains gentle ingredients and is less harsh then other types of shampoo. 

Step 2

A another way to  care for your hair after a perm is to avoid using hair dryers and hair heating tools for the first 3 days after your perm. This cations can actually shorten the life of the perm and dry out the hair. When you do use heating tools and hairdryer apply a thermal protecting  product to your perm in order to prevent heat damage to your hair. Additionally use  a blow dryer with a diffuser attached as this will adequately voluminous your hair and show off your new perm. 

Step 3

When you have washed your hair do not wrap it up in a towel but gently pat it dry. This step to care for your hair after a perm will reduce the amount of friction thus your hair will not knot and become damaged. 

Step 4

When you undertake to brush your new beautiful perm it is important to wait until you hair is completely dry. Once you hair is dry begin at the ends of your hair and gently brush working your way up to the top of your head. If you are experiencing difficulties undertaking this task then apply a detangling spray, but make sure it contains no drying agents (i.e. no alcohol).

Step 5

The last step that you can undertake to care for your hair after a perm is to add a rejuvenator product to your hair during styling. This will add moisture to your perm, make your hair more controllable and define your luxuriant curls.


In order to care for your hair after a perm make sure to not brush your hair with a wide tooth comb or pick. Instead use a wire brush or comb.