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5 Tips For Finding a Hair Salon in Boston

Published at 04/03/2012 16:46:34


Our hair is one of the first aspects in our appearance. Many folks take their hair care very seriously and that's a great thing. If you reside in the Boston area, then you may notice there are tons and tons of hair salons around. It can make it very difficult to sort through the bad ones and find the perfect one for you.

Step 1

Ask for Referrals: When it comes to finding a hair salon in Boston, try asking your co workers, friends and family where they go. Sometimes you can simply find the perfect hair salon by getting suggestions from those you trust. For example, if you notice a co worker of yours with a new hair do and you think it looks great, simply ask her where she goes to get her hair done.

Step 2

Phone Books: Another way to find the best hair salon in Boston for you is to put your yellow pages to good use. Look in your immediate area and see what type of salons are close to you. Give them a ring if you want to know more information such as prices and the services they offer.

Step 3

Use the Internet/ Hair Salon Directory Online: Using an online hair salon directory is similar to using your phone book, except it's done online which can be less time consuming than flipping through pages of a phone book. Make sure you visit the hair salon's website, check out client reviews and decide whether it's comfortably within your budget.

Step 4

Take Chances: If you're living right next to a hair salon in Boston, give the salon a chance. You'll never know if it's what you're looking for unless you try it out once. You can simply walk in or make an appointment. Let the receptionist know it's your first time visiting the salon and you're just trying different salons to decide which one is ultimately the one for you.

Step 5

Consultations: For high end salons in Boston, it's probably a good idea to book a consultation before making your very first hair appointment. During a consultation, the hair dresser will tell you what styles would look good on you, how expensive it will be and it also gives you a chance to check the hair salon out, in regards to cleanliness, quality service and experience.

Best Hair Salons in Boston

There are several great hair salons in Boston, the ones listed below are known to be top notch with exceptional service and quality hair treatments:

  • Rumors Hair Design
  • Salon Marc Harris
  • Liquid Hair Studios
  • Viselli Santoro Salon
  • Mie Higashimoto
  • Vogo Salon
  • Shag Salon
  • L' Elegance Art Et Coiffure

Remember to do your own personal research on these salons in Boston, before deciding which one you'll be a long term client with.


When choosing the absolute best hair salon in Boston for your needs, you need to consider the customer service, the overall cleanliness of the salon, the price of the services, the services offered, the location, the educational background of the staff and the overall experience of your first consultation.