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Best Short Hair Styles

Published at 04/03/2012 21:04:41


With summer time approaching everyone wants to keep their hair short and hassle free. Long hair in this weather means sweating and getting annoyed, what’s more is that all top celebrities and trendy fashionistas are sporting a short hair styles; which obviously is all the more reason why should go for it. But, keep in mind that this hair styles is not for everyone and you need to keep your face cut and structure in mind before you completely go for it. Moreover, most people think that there isn’t much a woman could do with short hair, but boy are they wrong.


Previously there wasn’t a trend of short hair amongst women. During the Victorian Era long hair on e women were seen as a sign of beauty. If we observe the Asian culture, it reveals that during different ears, the Mughal Era in particular highlights the fact that women had extremely long hair to show off their beauty. With the passage of time, trends changed and the 1980 approached, which showed women sporting poofed up short hair styles and even perms. This trend established itself in the society and is still present today and many love a short hair styles.


Short hair styles are really trendy and give off a laid back and flirty vibe if that’s what women are aiming for. These styles are really versatile and if you want a really hip and edgy look it would be a brilliant idea to go for Rihanna’s haircut. In this case the short hair style is really punky and is rough from the edges and has a longer flick as compared to the back. But obviously a woman needs a strong personality to pull this short hair style. If you have straight length short hair, it would be a good idea to style them up by getting short bangs cut or getting a really hip flick. This would make you seem girlish and will makeover your look entirely. Moreover, you could curl, crimp or straighten your short hair style depending upon its natural from for a change. If you think that your look is getting boring you could even rely on hair bands and funky flower based hair clips for a unique addition. Tying your hair up in a small ponytail would look really cute, even if all your hair doesn’t fit in. The rest of the hair would look really messy and give you a laid back outlook that many women wish for. You could even gel your hair back if you want to seem rough and almost man like.

Tips and comments

For women who are getting sick of their short hair, there are alternative options other than waiting for them to grow out. They could buy fake extensions and get them slipped in from a parlor. The remarkable part is that they resemble your natural hair color and people can’t even tell the difference. Moreover, you could even get a fake bun as a short hair style that matches you hair color if you want a formal look for a party, since short hair really doesn’t go well there.