Getting Your Hair Done At a Beauty School
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Getting Your Hair Done At a Beauty School

Published at 04/03/2012 21:03:41


Getting Your Hair Done At a Beauty School

As with everything getting hair at a beauty school has mixed review. Of course, it depends on personal experience. The basic concept is that you visit a beauty school when they’re having an exam or test regarding hair and hair related aspects. You will basically receive a student who will cut, style and design your hair for you, the way you want it. Getting hair at beauty schools might be a good idea for those who prefer to save money, or are low on cash and really need a good done.


Women have since forever valued their hair to a great extent, and always preferred to get it cut from trained individuals. In some cases, however, especially during old Asian Era times women kept long hair and refused to get them cut in any case. Beauty schools have splurged up only recently and therefore, so has the trend of getting hair at beauty schools. Women would largely not prefer getting haircuts or styles done at these schools, men however not being that particular about their hair would consider this in some cases.


These hair styles are considered by those who want to pay a quarter of what they actually pay for their expensive cuts. Some people feel that the candidates are being tested; therefore it’s highly likely that he or she would do a reasonably good job on the hair styling. The more satisfied you walk the higher the chances of them passing or receiving an outstanding grade. Some people have had great experiences walking out with rich hair colors and bouncy cuts. But, in some cases there have been utter disasters. People have reported going in to a beauty school with normal hair and coming out with horrendous style like chipped bob cuts and thinning in places, where it shouldn’t have been done. Moreover, getting your hair at a beauty school also won’t guarantee you with a wide variety of options, since in most cases you will be assigned to a student, who isn’t of your choice. Since, they have just started learning you can’t expect them to know of all the latest styles and colors.

Tips and comments

Getting your hair at a beauty school is a good idea if you’re considering just getting your hair dyed or if you wants streaks because that damage is irreversible. For a hair cut you would need to wait months before it grows out. There have been experiences where people asked for blonde colors and students dyed their hair orange. Just hope you don’t have to go through that. You could even get a blow dry, get your hair curled or straightened. This process in not that damaging and chances are you would have to pay half the price and not receive any damage to your hair at beauty schools. For those who’re looking for a haircut, it’s highly recommended to go visit a professional saloon and not get tested by these students. Just the small likelihood that hair will get ruined is all the more reason to rely on some other option.