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How To Care For Human Hair Extensions

Published at 04/02/2012 22:55:05


Caring for human hair extensions is basically like caring for your own hair. In this guide, you will learn the basics of keeping your human hair extensions clean and well maintained. You will be able to keep your human hair extensions looking like new for many years to come.

When you own human hair extensions, you may wonder what the best way to care for them is. Many people do not realize the fragility of these extensions and they end up using improper care and ruining their extensions. This is such a waste of money, when the care for them is really so easy.

Step 1

The first step to care for your human hair extensions is to keep them clean. You should wash them once a week with a mild baby shampoo. This will remove excess oils and hair products and keep them looking fresh and clean. This will prevent many of the problems that are caused by having too much product and oil on your extensions. This can cause them to be weighed down and not to give you the best results with adding your extension pieces in.

Step 2

One very important piece of advice when caring for your human hair extensions is to make sure that you store them properly. Improper storage can cause your extensions to become matted, tangled, and ruined. You should not store them by just having them lie around. This can cause damage to your extensions and ruin them in the long run. When you are going to store your extensions after using them, you need to first make sure that you remove any tangles and then store them flat, individually, in Ziploc storage bags. This will prevent dirt and debris and will keep the extensions in pristine condition.

Step 3

When you are using your human hair extensions, it is important to style them while they are not being worn. This will prevent the pulling damage that often occurs when you try to style the pieces while they are on your head. You can use a clip system to secure them to your bathroom mirror and then proceed to brush, curl, and style them before adding them into your hair. This will prolong the life of your human hair extensions and keep them looking their best for a much longer time.

Step 4

Be very careful when using any styling products on your human hair extensions. If a product is hard on your natural hair, then you do not want to use it on your extensions. This can cause deterioration of the extension and cause it to be damaged just like your real hair. You must use great care when using the extensions to be sure that you do not cause damage as the extensions are more fragile and prone to breakage than your own hair that has not been cut and removed. Using care will prolong the life of your extensions and keep them looking nice.

Step 5

If you take care of your human hair extensions, they will make you look your best and add incredible body and bounce to your hair. If you abuse your hair extensions, they will become damaged and will not blend in well with your natural hair and will become more noticeable. This is not a look that you want. Make sure that you carefully keep your extensions clean, free of tangles, and free of styling products. This will keep them looking their absolute best for many years to come.


Wash your extensions once a week to keep them clean.

Store your extensions seperately in tight bags.

Keep them free of tangles.