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What You Should Know About Hair Cure For Thinning Hair


Thinning hair is a common problem. It is more so for men than women. Women may come across thinning of hair although we do not hear about it much. A study done recently has shown that over thirty per cent of men under the age of thirty five and about twenty per cent of women under the age of fifty will experience thinning of hair in the United States.

What causes the hair to become thin? The most common reasons for hair becoming thin are poor diet, hereditary causes and illness. There are, presently, many different types of hair cure to treat thinning hair. They are Minoxidil, Finasteride and corrective healthy diet. If you are not sure of which treatment of hair cure will be right, you can consult your local primary care physician who can help you in finding the right hair cure for your thinning hair.


Since the time history has been recorded, men and women have always been searching for hair cure against hair thinning and hair loss. Since the past five thousand years, many cosmetic treatments have come about that give an illusion of thicker hair.

Many medical sounding cosmetics, herbal solutions and nutritional supplements have been suggested down the ages. The effect has been slow and little. Bogus hair loss solutions are still being flaunted today with surprising success. In ancient Greece, Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, was the pioneer in taking out many medical solutions as hair cure for his own progressive loss of hair. He was the first to write about an effective surgical treatment for hair loss.


Androgenic alopecia is a form of hereditary hair thinning which leads to subsequent hair loss. It is a major cause of thinning hair, both in men and women. The early signs of androgenic alopecia can appear even at puberty. Women are, however, more likely to show signs of hair thinning after their menopause. A poor diet can also result in thinning hair. Deficiency in iron and zinc can be a reason too. Illnesses such as hepatitis or inflammatory bowel disease have also been linked with thinning hair. Hair thinning could also result from medications such as those that are used in chemotherapy.

These are the most common types of hair cure available for treatment of thinning hair:
 Minoxidil – It is a drug which is used for hair loss treatment. It was previously given as a treatment for high blood pressure. Minoxidil is known to stop hair from thinning. It is the only drug which is approved for hair cure in women.
 Finasteride – Some prescription oral tablets that contain finasteride have also helped in hair growth. This was a drug used originally in the treatment of prostate cancer. Researchers found that its hormonal effects helped hair growth.
 Healthy Diet – Your diet can be a very important part of hair cure for thinning. A healthy diet will always take care of a healthy mane. It is one of the easiest and economical treatments to make your hair thicker. Foods that are rich in Omega – 3 fatty acids like nuts, grains and fish are beneficial to your hair’s health.

Tips and comments

Your hair dresser can be a good technique as part of hair cure to treat thinning hair. A layered cut will make tons of difference in creating an illusion of thicker hair. Your hair dresser or stylist can give you advice on haircuts and hair styles for thin hair. You even get a special shampoo for thinning hair that is applicable to both men and women.
Aloe Vera hair lotions are good for mild hair cure. They can be used as conditioners. Aloe Vera is good for preventing hair from thinning. It also gives shine to your hair besides being a natural source of moisture for mild and gentle hair cure.


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