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How To Put Hair Extensions in Your Hair


If you have short hair and you are going at some function and you wish you had long hair, well the problem is solved. You can use hair extensions. This is the safest way to add volume and increase the length of your hair. Hair extensions are very exciting and they can change your look entirely, temporarily. This is the safest part that they change your appearance temporarily. Some girls in order to change their look get low lights or dye their hair. Hair extensions are available in every color so instead of dying your hair you can attach hair extensions and then take them off. Secondly if your hair is a mess for some reason on a particular day you can always use hair extensions and they will give you a look of healthy hair all over again. Along with that you will have a fresh and vibrant look. Attaching hair extensions is not a tough job. You can attach them with any of your hairstyle so while attaching you need to keep a few tips in your mind.

Step 1

If you want to keep your hair loose open, you need to divide your hair first. Hair extensions are attached at the bottom side of your hair. Pin up the upper side of your hair. Attach the hair extension with the clips they have on it. The clips are attached with the hair not on the scalp. Shut the clip so that it remains attached with your hair. Make sure that no gaps are left and the clips are firmly attached to your hair.

Step 2

If you braiding your hair and want hair extensions, its going to be a little bit tough as the hair extensions will not be having micro clips. It is a complex method so it’s better if you consult a hairstylist or someone who is expert in styling.

Step 3

Another type of hair extension is the pre tipped hair extension. These extensions are very easy to apply as they are pre-glued. You just have to melt the glue and attach it to the hair. The glue can be used again as well. It saves time as you do not have to remove it afterwards with great hard work as the other hair extension requires. After using the pre tipped hair extension on your hair remove the glued part and with the help of your glue gun reapply it to your extension.

Step 4

There are several other types, each with a different method. Ring X, it has rings attached with it. You have to fasten the rings which are on the hair extensions on your hair and this requires a special tool.

Step 5

Fusion is another method in which the hair extensions are attached to the hair using a hot glue gun. Hot glue is applied to the tip of the hair extension and then attached to the hair. But this process takes a lot of time.


Keeping in mind the above methods, the clip method is the one which you can easily do by yourself with your hair. Hair extension requires a lot of care and attention, only then it will look neat. Wile buying hair extension, buy the best quality hair extension as you want your hair to look great and with great volume.

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