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The Best Shoes To Run In


When picking out sneakers or shoes for any sport, it's best to do a little bit of research beforehand. Each sport will need a different type of shoe, as there will be different needed elements the shoes must have. When it comes to picking shoes to run in, there are a couple different things you should consider and look out for.

When deciding on shoes to run in, you'll need to first and foremost get a better understanding of what the word pronation is. Pronation is the whole roll of the foot, from foot to heel. When looking for new shoes to run in, you should take a look at your old running shoes. Pay attention to the forefoot area and the wear that occurs there. If you have too much wear, then youre having issues with overpronation, when theres not enough wear, then its underpronation.

Also, when deciding what shoes to run in, you'll need to determine what type of foot you have. You can have a normal arch, low arch, or an high arch.

  • Normal Arch Feet - Choose stability running shoes
  • Low Arch Feet - Choose motion control running shoes
  • High Arch Feet - Choose cushioned running shoes

When at the shoe store, deciding which shoes to purchase, you should consider the following tips for a very successful shopping trip.

  • Shop in the late afternoon, this is when your feet are usually at their largest, making sure you're getting the proper size.
  • Don't pay attention to shoe fads, usually they are not the right comfort level for you and are just whats in style. You want to shop for comfortability, not fashion.
  • When shopping for shoes to run in, make sure you're wearing the same type of socks you wear when you actually do run. So you get a feel for the running shoes with your socks on.
  • Make sure the salesperson at the shoe store measures both of your feet. A lot of times, one foot is a bit larger than the other so you'll want to make sure you're being fitted for the larger foot size.

Tips and comments

When shopping for shoes to run in, you'll want to make sure the shoe fits comfortably and perfectly on your foot. To make sure the shoes fit, take these tips into account.

  • Check for room in your toe area, your thumb should be able to fit between the end of your toe and the very top of the shoe.
  • Check the heel of your foot. The heel should be able to be fitted nicely against the back of the shoe, not sliding up and down when you're walking
  • Check for room around the widest part. When shopping for shoes to run in, you'll want to make sure the widest part of your foot is fit very snugly into the sneaker, you do not want the root sliding around inside the shoe.
  • Give them a test. Once you've found a good pair of shoes to run in, give them a try out inside the shoe. You don't literally need to run around but take a little stroll or walk and see if they feel comfortable and provide you with the stability you need.
By Nicole Marie, published at 03/26/2012
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The Best Shoes To Run In. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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