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Florsheim Shoe Company is a classic American shoe brand that has been producing one of the finest and elegant shoe collections in the world. The brand, within a span of 100 years, has spread in many different parts of the world and has expanded its range of collections along revolutionizing with time. However, amazingly, in all these years, the quality and class remains the same.


The original company was founded in 1892 by Milton S. Florsheim and his father Sigmund Florsheim in Chicago. The brand sold shoes to all the famous stores in the country and was an immediate hit. Though originally a men's shoe brand, Florsheim introduced a range of women's shoes in 1930. Also until the 1930s, the company had become extremely popular with having five factories in Chicago with 2500 employees, 9000 stores selling Florsheim shoes and 71 stores which were either completely or partially owned by the company.

During the 1950s, the brand was brought by international shoe company though it still worked as a separate unit. During the 80s brand introduced the athletic shoe range and during the same time became a part of Interco. However, the brand parted ways in the 90s and became a separate Florsheim shoe group. The early 2000s almost every mall in America had a Florsheim store. After certain setbacks during the early 2000s the company emerged again when it was brought by Weyco group in 2002.


Today the brand has become one the most popular shoe selling brands in the world. Florsheim shoes are critically acclaimed because of their classic and unique designs and superior quality. The brand sells all kinds of shoes for both men and women. Florsheim shoes for both men and women come mainly under the category of dress shoes, moccasins, boots and sports shoe wear such as sneakers and joggers. The main specialty of the Florsheim shoes is the Comfortech sole which is a patented sole technology produced by the company itself.

This special sole is the secret to the softness and comfort of these shoes. The dress shoes for men produced by the brand are perhaps the signature of the brand. Their loafers, oxfords and slip-ons are probably the most comfortable in the world. Their quality is of a topnotch because of which their shoes are strong, durable and highly comfortable. Their prices however are very high but with all the high class quality that Florsheim shoes have, the price is definitely worth it.

Tips and comments

Florsheim shoes are no doubt pretty expensive and for general population to buy them regularly is not easy. However if you know the right stores and places to shop, you might as well find normal priced Florsheim shoes. If you buy these shoes from the original retail store of the brand or from big shoe stores then you'd have to pay the original price, but if you search small time retail stores or even some online stores which sell shoes on sale then can find reasonably priced shoes as well.

By Sultan Khan, published at 03/12/2012
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About Florsheim Shoes. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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