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Selecting the Best Platform Shoes


Platform shoes are very popular with high heel lovers right now. For them, nothing is better than the four inch platform that takes them even taller. Platform shoes include boots, or sandals, heels and more. They have incorporated platforms in all types of shoes. And the women who are addicted to this them, are loving it. Platform shoes are basically a sole of four inches or more that is made up of wood, cork and at times even plastic and rubber.


Platform shoes were there since ancient times. They were supposed to add to the height of women, and were very popular in certain cultures. In the Greek culture, platform shoes were introduced to increase the height of important people. And now in today's culture it is used as a fashion statement. Platforms were introduced as early as 1930s and 1940s in Europe. Now we see platform shoes everywhere and in every store.


When it comes to platform shoes, selecting the right shoes is very important. If you want to wear platform shoes, then make sure you don't go for the very prominent ones, or ones that are to outrageous. If you want to wear platforms then, get the basic ones. If you get the ones that are decorated with silver metallic lining, or other buckles or something then that will just look like a fashion disaster. When you are selecting platform shoes, also keep in mind that they are comfortable. Don't just go for the outlook because the platform might look very pretty when you see it on the shelf, and even when you try them on, they might look good and you will take a few steps around the shop, and then think these are very comfortable. But its when you wear the shoes for a longer period of time. they might not be as comfortable as they were when you tried them in the shop.

Pick the platform shoes that are slender, and sleek. They look hot and extremely attractive. They give your body a lot of proportion. They make the legs and the feet fall into proportion with the body and give the body a very good outlook and posture. Make sure you get platforms that arent higher than four inches, that might be too high, and you will be at a higher risk or falling and tripping.

Tips and comments

When you wear platform shoes, make sure you wear the ones that are according to your dress. If you are wearing a formal dress then go for the formal platform heels and just any platforms. The platform shoes can be a risk at times. If you are driving then take the platforms off. They will only hinder your driving and may even lead to an accident. So never wear platforms while you are driving, no matter what kind of platform shoes they are. Opt for platform shoes that have ankle straps. They are great for support and add comfort to the feet.

By Anushay Q., published at 03/15/2012
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Selecting the Best Platform Shoes. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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