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What is a Loafer

Loafer is a trademark design for low step-in leather shoes with upper resemblance of moccasins but with broader and flatter hills. The moccasin shoes are the predecessors of shoes loafers in design. Historically moccasin shoes were the common footwear of North American natives and many traders, hunters. Many European settlers used to wear them. But the success story of loafer shoes really began when it started its journey from the middle of 1930s as casual shoes in Norway. They were first mass marketed by “Bass Shoe Company” from Norway. They introduced the most popular brand of the 1950’s the shoes loafers—“Bass Weejun” (Weejun is derived from Norwegian). They had two popular styles of Bass Weejun shoes loafers-- penny loafer style and barrel loafer style. Penny style had a little gap to hold a coin and barrel style had little barrels or rolls at the side of small shoe tongue.


Nowadays, shoes loafers are worn in many situations and are available in many designs and colors, with metal decorations or tassels on the front. The basic characteristics of shoes loafers are they are slip-ons shoes, lace less, typically low with side gussets.

The shoes loafers are very popular in USA and in most of the European countries, especially in Italy, as casual and informal shoes. Shoes loafers are preferred by many women with socks and stockings, but when bare legs with skirt became popular, shoes loafers without socks became a fashion. However, its popularity really got momentum when Michael Jackson made them his trade mark. Loafers then had a new name—“Jackson Shoes”.

So though, shoes loafers are men’s shoes, it is also preferred by many women with few variations-- metal decorations or tassels on the front, different colors and many others.


Where to find

There are many online stores where you can look for beautiful designs at different price ranges. Shoes loafers are available for both men and women.

Here is a small list for your convenience, you can visit online with their names:

NEXTAG: Rockport Ashika, Tan ($100), HABAND Acorn Life Stride R ($20), Timberland Kroa Loafer Leather Shoes ($45), HABAND Leather Loafers Mushrooms (R) ($12), Rockport Loafer Shoes Eva Pinked ($60), Patagonia Naked Maui Blue Loafers ($85),

Viva La (for Women)
Daniel Divide (£99.99), Daniel Subtract (£99.99), Kg Kurt Geiger Lime Light (£140), Kg Kurt Geiger Leonardo (£110), Rockport Ashika (£85),

Aldo: Linker 2 designs on different prints ($60 each), Chiou three different designs on different colors ($60), Vidalez 3 colors ($50), Kordas ($90), Honts two colors ($40) Women’s Aunt Bettie ($70), omen’s Reagan Campus Driver ($148), Women’s Melissa ($125),

Tips and comments

NEXTAG: Rockport Men's Delloro Loafer Penny ($90), Rockport Leather Success Casual Handsewn ($40), Rockport Shakespeare Black Brush Circle ($110), Rockport Leather Works Brown Crazy Horse RK6148 ($113)

Best Stylish (India): Red Tape Man Rs 5682, Forest Man Camel Rs 1375, Boggy Men’s Footwear Rs 1999, Casor Men Rs1689, Forest men Rs1375, Loochi Men Rs 2213, Rockport Men Padour Rs 3250, Rockport Men Prangin Rs 3500. Conversion value of Indian Rupee is around US $ 1.00 = Rs 50.00.

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