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How To Find Yellow Shoes


Shoes are a necessity, but for some they are also a passion. Because of this, shoe lovers may want to add yellow shoes to their shoe wardrobe for variety. The average person will not have much use for such a color unless it is part of a costume or uniform, however, people with a passion for shoes, and those who love the color yellow may want to add at least one pair of yellow shoes to their shoe collection.

Step 1

Yellow shoes can be hard to find, so be prepared to spend time actively searching for them. Start with a basic internet search for yellow shoes and then evaluate the results. Narrow your search results for yellow shoes by including your size. Most people's shoe sizes vary, depending on the style of shoe, so include at three sizes - your usual size and one size larger and smaller than your usual shoe size.


Step 2

Concentrate your search on shoe stores, both online retailers and brick and mortar stores. Since these retailers mainly sell shoes they will be more likely to have yellow shoes than a regular department or clothing store. Get the know the sales staff of each in-person store to get the best service. For online retailers, get on their mailing lists and stay in contact with their customer service departments. If you can get the email address of a specific customer service rep, that would be even better.


Step 3

Widen your search to include both new and used yellow shoes. Some people may feel a little uneasy about buying used shoes, but when looking for hard to find shoes, used and even vintage shoes may increase your chance of find the type of shoes you want. You can always have the used shoes you find professional cleaned, if cleanliness is an issue for you. Auction sites, like ebay, uBid and others are good places to find used shoes, but be prepared to sign up to use these sites and also be aware that you may have to bid on the shoes you want. Good in-person places for used shoes are your local Goodwill, Salvation Army and local charities. Also look into consignment shops because they usually carry gently used items.


Step 4

Include variations of the color yellow when searching online for yellow shoes. Variations like gold, buttercup, sunshine and others may net different results.


Step 5

Contact shoe manufacturers and designers directly to find out if they have any yellow shoes in their collections. If they do, find out where you can buy them. You can also find out if they plan to make yellow shoes in the near future.


When using auction sites to buy used yellow shoes, if you don't want to risk losing the shoes you want to bid on at the end of the bidding process, contact the seller to see if he or she would be willing to take an upfront offer. Sometimes sellers have a minimum price in mind and if a bidder offers it before the end of the auction, they will accept the offer and close the bid.

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