Tips For Wearing Black And White Shoes
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Tips For Wearing Black And White Shoes

Published at 04/05/2012 15:17:16


Tips For Wearing Black And White Shoes

When dressing, accessorizing is very important. The way you accessorize can tell a lot about you as a person and usually makes a fashion statement. Shoes are a very essential accessory and by wearing a very good show in a bad way can really spoil your look. You could be wearing a really nice dress but mess up your look while accessorizing. While accessorizing you can compare different shoes to see how you look and if you are not really sure about something you can always ask for a second or even a third opinion. Here are some tips on how to rock your black, white shoes.

Step 1

You can wear your black shoes with black pants. This will bring about the flow of color and will make your legs appear longer. The other secret is that black makes you look slimmer so if you do not distort the color by wearing something colorful you just might look a size smaller. When wearing white pant you can also wear with white shoes as this will also make your legs look longer. On the other, if you already have long legs and would not want to make them look that long you can rock black shoes with your white pants. Black, white shoes and pants of the same color as them both look amazing.

Step 2

People usually say that you can wear anything with black, white shoes. That is very true. Black works well with a lot of other colors especially the bright ones. Black shoes can help you tone down a colorful dress and make you look hot. However, for guys black shoes work really well with most cloths official or not as compared to white.

Step 3

Black shoes always give you a finer look. That has been proven to be true. Black, white shoes and those which have shades of gray are referred to as neutral colored shoes. Neutral colored shores can work with any kind of color bringing different effects. They complement colors like red and blue.

Step 4

You can wear a black and white polka dress with a black or white shoe. You can also wear it with black, white shoes maybe dotted, spotted or stripped. This will bring out a flow of color and pattern. A guy can rock white shoes with skinny jeans because this lets you show off your shoes. One can also wear black, white shoes that are checked sneakers.

Step 5

You can always rock an all white or all black attire including shoes. This makes one look sophisticated and you van accessorize one other piece in a different color.


Tips For Wearing Black And White Shoes

Black, white shoes are a must have in every closet. That is because black, white shoes work well with almost anything and everything. They can work for a day at work, a dinner in the evening, partying on a weekend or even a day on the beach.

As you rock your black, white shoes always consider what you are wearing as well as the occasion or event that you will be attending.

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