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Where To Buy Shoes in a Size 14

Published at 03/26/2012 16:54:41


Plus Size or Big and Tall Stores

Plus size and big and tall stores carry a wide variety of hard to find sizes in both clothes and shoes. If you are unable to find size 14 shoes at your local stores, you may want to check a plus size or big and tall store. These store are usually located in shopping malls or outlet centers. They also have catalogs and online websites where they sell size 14 shoes and other items. Some stores may even be able to special order shoes in the size you need if you cannot find it in stores.


Department Stores

Department stores often carry large shoe sizes including size 14 shoes. They usually stock their shoes according to size and style so you may need to look through the racks to find the size you need. If you are unable to find the shoe size you need, ask a store employee to check in their back storage room to see if any additional sizes are kept back there. Try the shoes on while in the store to make sure they fit well and are comfortable.


Shopping online will allow you to search for size 14 shoes at a variety of retailers. You can search for shoes by size or style or visit the website of a certain store. Browse the online selection to find the shoes you want to purchase. When you find the shoes you wish to buy, add them to your shopping cart. Use your credit card to pay for your purchase and print out the receipt to save for your records. You can also search for online specialty stores that carry size 14 shoes. If you are unable to find the shoes you need at stores, consider checking online classified sites or looking for forums that pertain to people with large feet who are looking for the same shoes size.

Shoe Stores

Shoes stores are the obvious place to find size 14 shoes. Most shoe stores carry a wide variety of show size and styles. Some however, do not carry shoes as large as a 14. Shoe stores may have their selections sorted by size or style or may have a special section where they stock large shoe sizes. If you are unable to find a size 14 shoe or style that you like, talk with a store employee to see if they have any stored in a back room. Some shoe stores may also be able to order special shoe sizes or styles.

Specialty Shoe Stores

Specialty shoe stores carry a variety of special shoe sizes, including size 14 shoes. Specialty shoe stores try to carry shoes that are hard to find in other stores. They have special suppliers that will make shoes in specific sizes or styles. Store owners will often measure a customers foot to make sure they are purchasing and wearing the right shoe size. This will also help determine if the customer is wearing a size 14 shoe or needs any size modifications such as a a narrow or wide width shoe.


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