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Where To Find Purple Shoes


One can never have enough shoes. First,we want all sorts of variety and styles available out there like formal shoes, sneakers, slippers, sandals, stilettos, heels, boots, and more. Then comes the category of brands, and we want to acquire shoes of every brand, let it be local or international. Finally, the category of colors comes in.

There are just so many colors that one can have. People, including men, of today have become confident and comfortable with experimenting different colors, other than black and white., purple is the new black. Purple shoes have become extremely popular because they not only give you a funky look, but they can also give you a very sophisticated and a sexy look.


The first known shoes were sandals. Sandals date back to 7000 to 8000 BC. They were made of wood and animal skin. The first known leather shoes date back to around 3500 BC. But the earliest designs were very simple and were merely foot bags. Then in the Middle Ages, shoes evolved a bit and turn shoes were developed that was tightened with the use of strings. Eventually the modern shoes, with a sewn-on sole, were developed.

Since the 20th century, advances in plastic, rubbers, synthetic cloth, and coloration of leather have allowed shoe manufacturers to develop shoes that deviate from the traditional kind. Now all forms and sorts of shoes can be made, with different colors. Machinery has allowed perfection. The ability to add colors has allowed manufacturers to make the purple shoes that are so popular today.


Because of the increasing popularity of the color purple, there are various kinds of purple shoes available on the market and different shoes outlets. If youre going out on a date, or some dinner, and you want to stand out, then go purple shoes, in particular purple heels. When it comes to heels, purple is probably will probably bring out your arches in the sexiest way possible. Purple peep toe high heels are sexy as well. Purple boots can also make you look hot and funky at the same time.

If you want to have something casual, go for purple slippers and sandals. Because its purple shoes, even slippers and sandals stand out. The color purple strikes like no other. However, one may think that purple shoes are only restricted towards women, its not true. Boys can have the funkiest purple sneakers. Even basketball players, like Kobe Bryant, rocks purple shoes. Even big brands have included purple shoes, like sneakers and jogger, in their collection for men shoes.

Tips and comments

Purple shoes, especially, are one that every woman knows for a fact that if worn with the right dress, they can make you stand out. Even celebrities and brides don on purple shoes. Regardless of what kind of shoes you wear, purple can make you look sexy, elegant, sophisticated or funky. Purple has all these characteristics.

It just depends on what kind shoes you're wearing. Purple is, in fact, the color of royalty and spiritual enlightenment. Even for men, purple can be a really nice color. So one should try to experiment with his shoes and lots of shades in purple because they're not easy to get. This shows the massive demand for purple shoes.

By Anushay Q., published at 03/15/2012
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