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Compare And Constrating 3 Shoes


Shoes are items hard to hate because they add style to the most boring outfits and boost your sex appeal when you need it the most. There are people devoted to shoes like Celine Dion who bought 500 pairs so far and she’s not done. Even if you aren’t as passionate as her, sometimes you feel that it is time to indulge in trendy styles. In recent years, the shoe industry grew, and we are experiencing a period when shoes are more important than the clothes you are wearing.

It’s hard to take 3 shoes and compare them because every pair has its own features, being designed by different manufacturers. If you compare 3 shoes and find certain features you like, it doesn’t mean all pairs have the same features. Nike is popular brand all around the world and their KNIT design is one of the 3 shoes we will talk about. The shoes are designed for performance and the manufacturer used a new technology creating them, called Nike Flyknit. They feature only the essentials in footwear and they weight 160 g. The second pair from the 3 shoes review is the Vasque Taku GTX Hiking Boot. They are light on the feet, has solid grip both on wet surfaces and on the ground and your feet stay dry in almost any weather conditions.

They are described as “the best hiking boot out there” by many people. They protect your feet and you’ll hardly feel like you are wearing “hiking boots”. They feel like you are wearing your regular shoes. The third manufacturer regarding the 3 shoes reviews is the Tsukihoshi Company, a manufacturer that designs children shoes. The company designs shoes with special features: balanced landing, arch support, light and flexible, barefoot like comfort and the fact that they can be washed by the washing machine. The bottom line is that it’s hard to make 3 shoes comparisons or reviews of shoes or manufacturers because there are many brands on the market that design quality products. Choosing a brand is only a matter of taste.

About men and women shoes

There are different types of shoes when it comes to men and women. For example, boots are considered by historians a sign of strength because they are associated with war. On the other hand, tall and tight boots are associated with torture. High heels shoes are usually designed for women, but men adapted the style for themselves as well. It is said that Louis XIV wore adapted high heel shoes and imposed death penalty on those who dared wearing them.

Not all shoes are comfortable and they create hammer toes, bunions, but corn or ingrown toe nails. For some, it is chic to wear fashionable shoes disregarding the long term problems. Then years ago, 34% of women all around the world wore high heels shoes. Nowadays, statistics show that only 21% of them still wear high heals, because they realized health is more important than fashionable shoes.


By Ignat Victor, published at 03/06/2012
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Compare And Constrating 3 Shoes. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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