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Top 3 Brands Of Cosmetics For Black Skin

Published at 03/05/2012 12:45:40


The women of black descent have skin with different hues which means one product may not suit all the black skin types. This has lead to the establishment of many companies specializing in Black skin cosmetics, below are the three top brands.


Iman cosmetics company one of the most popular make-up brands specializing in black skin cosmetics with a focus on natural hues. The black skin cosmetics include products such as foundation, lipstick, eye shadow and concealers. It was designed and developed by the very beautiful and successful African American super model called Iman who become frustrated when she moved to America and could not find make-up suited for her skin tone. Although it begun making mainly black skin cosmetic products it has quickly grown to include even make-up for fairer complexions for other races such as Asian so as to celebrate the diversity of all skin colors and ethnicity. The great thing about this brand is that is always developing and introducing new products for their range of black skin cosmetics which they advertise on their website. In this website they also include many interesting make-up tutorials to teach women how to best apply make-up. All Iman cosmetics products are safe for all skin types as they are FDA approved and laboratory tested for all things that may compromise quality.


Founded in 1958 in Baltimore, covergirl cosmetics have grown to be one of the largest brands in the United States whose products are sold all over the world. The increasing demand for black skin cosmetics has resulted in the company Covergirl cosmetics teaming up with the beautiful African American celebrity Queen Latifah, who is also the spokes person, to create makeup products specifically for black women. They now have the ‘Queen Collection line’ which features a wide variety of products for the woman with darker skin. Their range of black skin cosmetics includes products such as mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, lip stick, concealer, foundation and lip pencils. These products come in shades such as brown, caramel, violet and purple to suit various hues of women with black skin.


Black opal is one of the top brands known for its skin care products and cosmetics designed to meet the needs of not only black women but black men too. They have carved a niche in the market for products that correct, cover, treat, protect or enhance the black complexion. Their black skin cosmetics have products such as concealers, foundations, powders, oil blockers, lip gloss and lipstick, eye shadow to suit all the different hues for the black woman. This stunning collection of makeup come in different shades that is bound to enhance the black womans natural beauty. For the men they have products such as cleansers and shaving creams that are meant to address issues such as razor bumps. This company has teamed up with noted dermatologist Dr. Cheryll Burgess to make sure that their black skin cosmetics are safe for all users. Black opal line has black skin cosmetics suited for all dark skin types that includes both daytime and nighttime make-up.


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