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The Best Sunblock Protective Skin Lotion


Sunlight is a source of Vitamin D that we greatly need. We covet the sun in winters and bask in it when we get the chance. Whatever the season may be, prolonged exposure to UV rays from the sun is bad for our skin. Using protective lotions and sunscreens is one way to protect our skin from lasting damage. The most effective protective skin sunblock will have the highest protection from both UVB and UVA rays, and it will have a high SPF.


Even in ancient civilizations, Man figured out ways to shield his skin from sunburn and excessive tanning. The Egyptians are known to have used materials like jasmine, rice bran extract and lupine extract to lighten skin and treat damaged skin .materials that have now been studied and their efficacy in skincare proven. Studies on ultraviolet (UV) rays and skin cancer led two and two to be put together .as early as 1878, tannin was suggested to act as a sunscreen. The first effective skin protective lotion was invented by Austrian Franz Greiter in the 1930s. It was called Gletscher Crème. Benjamin Greene produced Red Vet Pet, a red jelly substance effective in blocking UV radiation in 1944 for army troops. In 1962, Greiter coined the SPF (sun protection factor) concept which became a worldwide measure for gauging sunscreen effectiveness, and the sunblock industry then became a large business.


Many sunblock lotions contain zinc oxide or titanium dioxide as protective coatings which may give a greasy look and feel but are effective in blocking the suns radiation from penetrating the skin. PABA is the common ingredient for protecting against UVB rays, while benzophenones are used as UVA rays absorbers. No-Ad with Aloe and Vitamin E SPF 45, and Equate Baby SPF 50 have been reported as good sunblock lotions, price- and usage-wise. has an entire range of sunscreen products and natural/mineral skin protective lotions that are available for ordering and buying online. also offers an almost $7 saving on Devita Natural Skin Care Solar Protective Moisturizer. Dermatologists recommend L.A. Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Lait SPF 40 as it contains mexoryl, which guards against UVA rays that cause wrinkles and skin cancer, and not just UVB rays, but it is a slightly pricier product.

Tips and comments

Avoiding strong sunlight at peak day times is best, and one should always wear full clothing, hats and sunglasses as sunscreens, especially during the summer months. Skin protective lotions are an added accessory and layer of protection for exposed skin to help it stay safe from burns and damaging radiation. Putting on sunblock 30-45 minutes before being exposed to the sun allows for proper absorption of the cream or lotion. also, carry your bottle around with you because water activities will especially make you require a replenishing of sunscreen after every 2 hours. Having SPF 30 or higher sunblock skin protective lotion works the best, and don't forget to rub in that lotion even on cloudy days and during the winter months.

By Sidra Rana, published at 03/14/2012
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The Best Sunblock Protective Skin Lotion. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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