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Food That Are Good For the Skin

Published at 03/18/2012 06:55:38


In the pursuit of pampering our skin, we go for regular cleansing and moisturizing routines. We miss out on the main source of a healthy skin. It is our diet that is responsible for the good health of the skin. Medical practitioners all over the world remind us that we have to eat regularly food that is good for skin. What exactly do they mean by food that is good for skin? It is that food which is good for skin that has all the elementary nutrients required by our body to stay healthy. Once our body gets proper nutrition, our skin would automatically look healthy. Proper food for healthy skin means maintaining a well balanced diet which is rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins. The food also must have the right proportion of carbohydrates and fats.



People have encountered various types of skin problems. Their skin could be dry, itchy and oily or affected by acne. When you have an underactive thyroid, you may suffer from dry or rough skin. Your general physician will tell you that increasing your intake of foods rich in beta carotene like spinach, carrot or red peppers will be good for skin. Opting for foods that are high in vitamin B like eggs and whole grains will give you relief from itchiness. Eating yogurt and black berries will be good for skin affected by acne. Dipping bread in olive oil as a replacement for butter will be good for skin that is excessively oily.


Healthy food that is good for skin:

• Green Tea – This is rich in anti-oxidants and also in vitamins and zinc. Green tea is wonderful in protecting the skin from the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun and reduces sunburn.

• Water – Clean natural water when drunk in good quantity will flush out the harmful toxins from your body. Water keeps the skin healthy and moist.

• Berries – Blackberries, blueberries, cranberries, raspberries and strawberries are rich in vitamin C, fibers and a substance called riboflavin besides being rich in anti-oxidants. Berries also produce collagen that helps in keeping the skin soft and healthy.

• Carrots – They contain beta carotene which helps in producing Vitamin A. It is used in the regeneration of skin cells. Its deficiency will lead to dry skin.

• Salmon – This fish is rich in fatty acids and Omega 3 acid which is important for healthy skin. These acids help reduce the damage by natural elements to the skin membranes.

• Low Fat Yogurt – Yogurt is rich in Vitamin A which hydrates our skin. It also contains acidophilus, a live bacteria, that is good for our intestinal health and works indirectly as a healthy skin booster.

• Whole Grains – These grains have Vitamin B which is necessary for replacing the dead cells in our skin with new ones. They also help the skin to withstand various allergies.


Tips and comments

You are what you eat is a saying that will also apply to how our skin looks and feels. Skin is the largest organ in our body and it can benefit from the same nutrition that we get from foods that have a positive impact on our heart and other organs. New research has suggested that eating foods that are rich in protein and minerals may provide anti-ageing effects besides being good for skin. The American Academy of Dermatology has mentioned the importance of eating nutritious foods that are good for skin if we want to maintain optimal health of our skin cells.


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