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What the Condition Of Your Skin Says About Your Health

Published at 02/27/2012 02:20:43


The skin is the largest organ the human body has both in the amount of area it covers and by its weight, so its no big surprise that what our skin looks like can be clear indicator on the status of our health. In this article we will explore a variety of different skin appearances and what they can mean for your health.


Dry and dull skin: Have you ever looked in the mirror and been confronted by dry, dank and dull skin, well  this can be an indicator of a Omega-3 fatty acid deficiency. Omega-3 is responsible for the maintaining of your cells membranes,when you have an adequate amount of this fatty acid you will have supple, bright skin. There are a few foods out there that can aid in replenishing your supplies, these are seafood, walnuts, soybeans, tofu and flax seeds. 

Pimples: The appearance of spots on your skin can be an indicator of numerous health issues. A change in a womens hormones ie during menstruation is the most common cause of pimples, especially along the jaw line. Poor nutrition is also an incentive for spots to form on your skin so make sure your diet is balanced and you drink enough water.

Dark circles under the eyes: This undesired feature of some women's skin, is typically heredity. But there are some health factors to take into consideration such as vitamin B deficiency, iron deficiency or amenia. 


Flushed skin: The appearance of a flushed face can have an innocent cause such as being hot, embarrassed,or you've been ingesting red wine or spicy food. However if you are flushed most of the time for no real reason then your health may be the issue. It is advised that you see a doctor to ascertain the cause of you flushed skin, menopause could be one such heath factor which will be taken into consideration.

Oily skin: Does you face have a oily sheen to it, if it is in the affirmative it could indicate one of these three health factors; poor nutrition, stress or hormonal reasons. 

Yellowish skin: If you're skin has a yellowley hue to it, this can be an indicator of hypothyroidism which is a under active thyroid. This condition causes your skin to become yellow via  there being an increase in beta-carotenes in the blood. Beta-carotenes are antioxidants which are found in various fruits and vegetables, they are typically absorbed by the thyroid but when you have hypothyroidism this process is hindered. Eating an excessive amount of carrots, sweet potatoes, and squash can give your skin an unnatural hue also. If you are experiencing any dramatic change in your natural skin colour you should seek the attention of a doctor without delay.

Tips and comments

If you develop any rash or worrisome health skin issue be sure to contact a doctor without delay.

Enrich your diet with healthy skin foods such as seafood, legumes, blueberries, vegetables, yogurt, muesli, nuts, kiwifruit and citrus fruits, and drink plenty of water.

To effectively protect your skin from being damaged, remember to coat your self with sunscreen or a moisturizer with a SPF rating.

Try not to partake in smoking, its extremely detrimental to your skin health.



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