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How To Make A Safe Login While Banking Online

 With all the movies about hackers and viruses, we tend to feel unsafe to bank on the internet. When banking online login is concerned, even the thought alone can make a person feel queasy. The truth is that we can enjoy banking in the comfort of our own homes and offices. We just need to be aware at all times.

 Here are a few tips to banking online safely:

1. Never share your information with other people. Keep this piece of information to yourself. Telling others increases your chances of compromising you finances.

2. Do not write your User ID or PIN anywhere. This must be stored in your brain and not on a flimsy piece of paper that you might accidentally throw away.

3. Disable the 'Remember Password' that pops up on your computer. This is a must especially is you are sharing the computer with other people.

 4. Do not entertain e-mails that ask for your bank account number and PIN. Some people pose as bank personnel in order to obtain that sort of information. Your bank would never require you to disclose that information.

5. Use a supported browser with 128-bit encryption. Encrypted information is hard to hack.

6. Do not post your complete birth date on social networking sites. These may be used to access your files and hack into your finances.

7.Refrain from checking your account in crowded areas. Someone may be watching and that would endanger your account.

Tips and comments:

 Online banking is a safe way of paying your bills and checking up on your assets. The most effective way to protect it is by using your common sense. Trust no one with your log-in information and you won't have any problems. If you ever feel like your account has been compromised, call the bank hotline to report it.

By maria codilla, published at 07/19/2011
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How To Make A Safe Login While Banking Online. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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