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How To Connect a Baby Monitor To a Computer

Published at 03/13/2012 20:59:32


Baby monitors are devices that are used to watch over babies when those who are looking after them leave the room. When the baby is alone in a room, the baby monitor will alert you through a signal or alarm when the baby wakes or cries.

There are different types of monitors that you can use to monitor baby. Some monitors, enable you to listen in on the sounds that emanate from the baby’s room. There are other monitors that allow the baby to listen to sounds from another room in the house.

Some baby monitors are portable and can be moved easily from one room to another when you shift the baby. The high end baby monitors have video facilities that enable you to see the baby on the screen. Some will send a signal if something interrupts the baby’s breathing.

Most monitors have add-ons such as colorful lights, soft music, temperature readings and remote control. You can use them to monitor baby and as a night light. Baby monitors are a necessity if your baby has health problems like asthma, cystic fibrosis, breathing problems or even sleep apnea. These are conditions that require regular monitoring. Monitors will alert you if the gap in breathing patterns becomes prolonged.

Most monitors have limited coverage range and their signals are lost due large living area or concrete walls. This is why it is advisable to connect a baby monitor to a computer.

Baby monitors are a boon if your baby has breathing problems, asthma, cystic fibrosis or sleep apnea and needs to be monitored constantly. Monitors alert you if there is a prolonged gap in breathing patterns.

Step 1

Set a webcam

The webcam will record the baby in audio and visual format. This will help you to monitor baby movement better.

Step 2

Install Skype

Create a skype account for baby monitoring task

Step 3

Customize the Skype settings to improve on the monitor baby excercise. You should customize Skype settings using these steps:

  1. Go to settings and choose "start Skype after I start windows". Follow the same step if you use another operating system.
  2. Go to Video Settings and select " receive video & screen sharing from people in contact list".
  3. Under Privacy, only allow the people you have in the contact list
  4. Select only "people in my contact list" for all the settings.
  5. Go to Call Settings. Select " only allow individuals in my contact-list to call me". Click "Show Advanced Options".
  6. Select "automatically answer incoming calls" and "automatically start my video when I am on a call".
  7. Save all the changes

Step 4

Add your Skype account to contact list. Add the baby’s account to your contact list to monitor baby easier.

Step 5

Turn down the computer volume

While monitor baby, ensure the computer volume might be too loud for the baby. When you turn it off, it will prevent the volume from waking the baby when you turn it on.

Step 6

Call baby’s skype account

For easier monitor baby then you call the Skype account of the baby, it should answer automatically and also start the video.


  1. You can add other accounts to baby’s contacts list. This enables people that you trust such as a spouse to monitor baby from another location such as the work place. This comes in handy when you have many chores to attend to.
  2. You can alternate the use of the computer with a videophone from Skype online store if you do not want it to run 24/7.

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