Army Veteran Mental Health Assessment
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Army Veteran Mental Health Assessment

Published at 03/29/2012 13:42:15

Mental Health Should Be Sound

Army Veteran Mental Health Assessment

Mental health is an important factor in the life of a person. Since it gives him the mental balance and the ability to recognize his ability to cope with what problems might be thrown at him in life. Having a sound mental health means being able to live in a good life that is not a problem to society.

Every person needs to have a sound mental health to live normally. Mental health issues can be crippling for those who are experiencing them. Those disorders that belong to mental health issues can keep the person from being productive and see the good things in life. Not only that, those who are experiencing cases of mental health may also cause harm not only to themselves but also to other people making them threats in the community.

The Military Mental Health Assessment

Army Veteran Mental Health Assessment

In the Army, with the many challenges that the service can demand from soldiers, it is not surprising for those who are still in the service and even war veterans to have some cases of mental health issues. As often observed and reported, there are cases of traumatic experiences that have lead to mental health problems for those Army veterans. This is the reason why the military have this mental health assessment to ensure that their soldiers would come back from the field not broken.

One mental health issue that is commonly heard of in military service men is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This type of mental health problem is also known as ‘shell shock’ and is considered as an anxiety disorder caused by the traumatic experience or event.

The military has always been aware of the many mental health issues that may happen in their soldiers which is why they conduct a mental health assessment for each serviceman and veterans. Especially those who have been deployed to the war zones, an assessment is designed to help them cope with the problems and transition to be part of the society again.

Treatments Are Given

Army Veteran Mental Health Assessment

Aside from PTSD, there are other mental health issues that showed up in the mental health assessment within the military. These mental health issues are mostly because of their tough experiences in the field.

Other mental issues include combat stress, sexual assault, sexual harassment, suicidal thoughts traumatic brain injury and military sexual trauma. These mental health issues are given treatment by the military if it shows up in the assessment.

The mental health issues are treated with therapies and sessions with psychiatrists and psychologists. There are also other activities that are given to soldiers with mental health problems like yoga, meditation and some relaxing exercise. If needed, prescription medicine is also given to those patients.

Veterans In Mental Health Assessments

The people in the military are the defenders of their country. Having this responsibility can be very difficult and challenging. These challenges can bring traumatic experiences to those in the service and their veterans. This is the reason why a mental health assessment is always conducted in the military to ensure that their soldiers are in the right mental health after going through some traumatic events.


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