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Is Mental Health And Addiction Connected?


The medical field has reached greater heights in terms of technology and the invention of new medicines. Many ailments that were considered to be fatal are being cured with today’s medicine. The mental health is one of the main departments of medical field. Many researches have indicated that the mental health and addiction are interconnected with each other. Now a day’s we would be able to find lots of people who get addicted to drugs like alcohol, cocaine and so on. Some people get addicted just to enjoy the pleasure of the after effects. But for many people the mental health and addiction will be interlocked with each other. Those who suffer from serious depressions are more vulnerable to get into the habit of taking drugs. The shocking news is that, more number of youngsters are being involved in drug intake.


People used to take drugs right from the ancient times. They used it as a tool to overcome their worries and sadness. The connection between mental health and addiction has been identified a hundreds of years ago. Since the people has tried to treat the person who got addicted to drugs, in order to make him or her to come out of that habit.


There are various factors that have to be considered while trying to analyse the connection between the mental health and addiction.The treatments for these kinds of problems need some additional effort apart from the medicines.

• Counselling: Whenever it is found that there is a connection between a person’s mental health and addiction, it is important that he gets the counselling of a psychiatrist. Psychiatrists are the only people who could try and get the person out of the habit, since they are well trained to influence people with the help of their words. Sometimes it will be difficult to take the person to a doctor, since they won’t be willing to come out of the habit. So the will to overcome themental health and addiction is an important factor to treat this condition. If the counselling fails, then the doctor will decide on the steps that have to be taken further, to treat the patient.

• Medicinal Treatment: Mental health and addiction has been one of the major focuses of today’s medical world. They have come up with various medicines that would help the people to overcome their addiction to drugs. This kind of treatment needs hospitalisation for a minimum of one week and the maximum number of days will be decided based on the patient’s recovery. There are many articles that speak about the mental health and addiction, and how could this condition be treated in an effective manner. Going through these articles would help any person to gain some knowledge about how to handle the person who is under such condition. At times we might need to convince the person to take up the treatment.

Tips and comments

• Mental health is closely related to addiction that any person, who is mentally affected, tends to get addicted to all sorts of drugs.
• The most difficult task for any person is to not get involved in the habit once again, after the treatment is over.
• The caretakers of the patient should be aware of this fact and make sure that they stay away from drugs.


By Sia Attavar, published at 04/02/2012
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