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Mental Health Tips To Keep the Mind And Body Strong

Published at 03/14/2012 06:03:45


What is Your Mental Health

Mental health is the level of psychological and emotional well being used that an individual has. You must always mind mental health- it is the best way to keep your mind and body in the most effective working condition.

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Why It Is Important

There is a constant debate about whether the body governs the mind or the mind governs the body. However, it is an established fact that total fitness of the body and mind is more important than a well-toned and muscular body. People who have a good body and mind mental health balance are always in good control of their feelings, thoughts, behaviors and activities.

Recent work in genetics reveals that loneliness or an unbalanced or unhappy mind can make you seriously ill. Public Library of Science Medicine, a nonprofit, scientific open-access project, published a paper in 2010 on the combined effects of loneliness and an unhappy mind on mortality with comparison to drinking and smoking. The research concluded that a happy and sociable person has 50% more chance of surviving than a lonely and unhappy individual.

One of the researchers, Dr Steven Cole from the University of California, Los Angeles, has analyzed the samples of white blood cells from the bodies of both lonely and sociable people for analyzing the activities of the genes in their systems. He measured such activities by the ability of the genes to produce an element or molecule called “Messenger RNA.” These molecules carry messages from the genes and inform the cells as to which protein is required to be produced in our body. Dr. Steven Cole has proved that there are numerous types of genes in our bodies, and these genes become less active when an individual is lonely and unhappy. The people with less active genes are more prone to viral infection and other ailments. The active genes are more capable of resisting bacteria.

How Do You Identify the Level of Your Mind Mental Health Balance?

If you believe that “mind mental health” is an important factor to make your mind and body strong, there are few characteristics to assess the degree of mind mental health you already have:

• Are able to enjoy your present life and take lessons from the past for future planning?
• Your ability to bounce back in tough times
• How successfully can you handle and balance different issues in life
• Do you recognize your weakness and strength with full potentials?

You search for the above answers within your mind to know the exact mind mental health balance you already have. The answers with more positive points indicate better mind mental health balance.



Here are few tips to improve your mental health for developing a strong mind and body:

• Try to recognize your sentimental and emotional factors and understand the reasons why you have them. Know the causes of your sadness, anger, stress, joy, etc. Communicate them in a proper way to yourself, or to somebody you can trust to control your feelings.
• Try to settle in a well-balanced life. You need not forcibly do anything. You must not pretend to be happy when you are upset. It is more important to deal the negative feelings in the proper way.
• Develop the power of resilience to fight the stress and negative feeling. Always have a positive attitude.
If your body is healthy there is always a better chance that your mind will also be healthy. They are linked together. There are few ways to improve your mind mental health balance.
• Meditation relieves all anxieties, stress, helps to relax your body and sleep.
• Regular walks help to increase the blood circulation and mobilize the nervous system as well as rotary functions of your body.
• Massages are excellent to boost up the rejuvenation process in our whole body and brain.
• Yoga and exercises increases our strength, makes our hearts and lungs stronger at the same time they also releases powerful chemicals and hormones that lift our mood.
• Spend time outside in nature. It makes us calm and takes away all the tensions and stress.

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