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The Vitamin C Benefits the Body


Several medical experts have confirmed that the vitamin C is one of the most trustworthy and efficient nutrients. These nutrients must be attained and included in your daily diet since the human body is incapable of producing it on its own. There are several natural sources of vitamin C. It can be found in berries, green vegetables and citrus foods, such as grapefruits, limes, mandarins, oranges, lemons and tangerines.

Vitamin C is very essential for the regular growth of the human bodies. It can assist in repairing tissues and reforming collagen in the body. The vitamin C also portrays a significant role in the appropriate absorption of iron. The proper supplementation of vitamin C will boost the immune system of the individual. It also aids in healing wounds and in maintaining bones and teeth.

Step 1

  • The Power of Vitamin C

Past and recent studies have confirmed that increasing the dosage of the vitamin c during a fever or cold can reduce the signs and symptoms of such ailment. This nutrient can also reduce the duration of cold. Vitamin C has also been proven and tested to be a reliable solution in preventing severe respiratory complications in illnesses such as pneumonia, bronchitis and lung infections.

Vitamin C has been demonstrated by several medical experts to be a substantial nutrient in preventing cataracts from developing. This vitamin is a strong antioxidant that can impede free radicals from developing. These free radicals can damage the eye lens since they will destroy the healthy tissues and cells in the human body.

Step 2

  • Boost Immune System

Your white blood cells are the defenders in your body against all types of ailments. They fight against infections such as bacterial invasions to protect your body. These cells can be impotent without the proper supplementation of the vitamin C in the body. They need the proper and recommended dosage of vitamin C to be effective in boosting your immune system. Lack of vitamin C can lead to a weak body, which is vulnerable to illnesses and infections.


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Recommended Dosage
The recommended daily intake of this vitamin is between 80 to 90 milligrams for adults. Other health experts and researchers have claimed that such dosages are not enough for the maximum benefit of your health. Recent research and studies have claimed that 500 milligrams of the vitamin C intake is the most effective quantity to have a healthy body.

The best way to obtain this vitamin or nutrient is through natural sources. Fruits and vegetables that are abundant in the vitamin C should be included in your daily diet. These foods are also abundant in other nutrients and vitamins that will help you attain a healthy body.


Step 4

Prevent Signs of Aging
The majority of the beauty products nowadays have included vitamin Cin their ingredients. Due to the presence of the vitamin C, these products have become efficient in stimulating the production of collagen. Beauty products that are abundant in vitamin c have the abilities to reduce pigmentation and fine lines that are visual signs of aging.


These are some of numerous benefits that can be offered by this significant vitamin. It is highly recommended to take vitamin C daily with the proper dosage. If your body does not have the appropriate amount of vitamin C, then take the vitamin C supplements or eat more citrusy fruits to avoid vitamin C deficiency.

By TheGoldenLotus, published at 02/03/2012
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