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Types Of Jobs With Health Benefits


The modern approach of providing health care benefits to its employees performing all kinds of jobs is being followed by almost every company. Companies are now showing much more concern about their employee’s health in the form of providing health benefits to them. Companies provide health benefits to their employees by offering them with various kinds of insurances e.g., life insurance, health and accident insurance, long-term and short term disability insurances. Health benefits in not restricted to top level employees rather are provided to employees doing all kinds of jobs for its employer.


The program of providing benefits to employees was initiated many years ago. The first benefit of profit sharing plan was given on 1797 in America. Employee benefits became famous in late 20th century. This strategy is now widely used by employers to attract employees of all types of jobs. Few employers use employee and health benefits to attract employees and increase job security. Many families that cannot afford insurances would receive some kind of insurance coverage and financial help.


Offering of health benefits to an employee are provided to people doing different types of jobs. Employees select the company based on the employee benefits that are offered with their job. Employee of every stature is awarded with health benefits.

The basic health benefits provided includes the following:
1.) Health insurance: It has become very common to provide health insurance to employee doing any kind of job. In this a company covers specified amount of medical expenses of his employee.
2.) Life insurance: It ensures confidence to the employee about the economic stability to the family after his death.
3.) Other insurance: There are many other types of insurance plans provided to an employee. Like short term and long term disability insurance , child care insurance, medical insurance etc.

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These health benefits is provided not only to full time workers but also to part timers. Benefits provided depend upon the type of job assigned.

In retail sector, employees are provided with health insurance in order to attract more number of employees for various these of jobs. There are retailers offering such benefit to its employees such as the following:

• Whole Foods
• Starbucks
• Barnes & Noble
• Nordstrom
• Lowes

Health care companies provide good benefits to attract good and dedicated nurses and doctors. Manufacturing companies provides confidence to the workers by awarding them with these health benefits as this sector involves risk of life. Employees working in public office are also covered with these benefits.

The performance of the company is highly dependent on the employees .It has been proved that the company’s who provide good health benefits are always rated high.

Few companies like Kimley-Horn & Associates pay the entire premium for the employees performing various types of jobs. Software giant Microsoft provides people performing different types of jobs with most generous health care plan.

Below is the list of the companies who have provided 100% health benefits to its employees and were rated among top 100 companies in year 2006.

• Boston Consulting Group
• Granite Construction
• Qualcomm
• Perkins Coie
• Kimley-Horn & Associates
• Morrison & Foerster
• Nugget Markets
• Microsoft

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