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Benefits Of Teaching in Universities


Teaching is without a doubt one of the noblest of all professions. Imparting knowledge and life skills to children and young adults is something that gives immense joy. Teachers help students become independent citizens who contribute to the family and society. Although it is often a less paid and at times a thankless job, millions of men and women around the world choose to have a teaching career.


There are quite a few advantages of being a teacher. The regular working hours and holidays and summer vacation is one of the biggest advantages teachers teaching in universities and schools have when compared to those in other professions. They also have the immense satisfaction of molding and igniting young minds.

While teaching small children and adolescents in schools gives a teacher a sense of satisfaction, teaching young adults and adults in universities has its own advantage as well. The university students are more independent and all that a teacher teaching in universities has to do is teach efficiently and complete the course on time.
Not much time is spent in disciplining and maintaining rules and regulations. As the students are older and mature, they are more responsible unlike the younger students in schools who need more monitoring and have to be controlled and disciplined.

The university students are more responsible and independent. Students enroll into universities not because they are forced to or have to, but out of interest in the subject, this makes teaching in universities for university students more easy.

As schools witness higher dropout rates, the teacher has to not only educate the children but also be a role model and motivate them to complete their basic education. A university teacher teaching in universities does not have these compulsions, nor are they burdened with these responsibilities.


As large sums of money are spent in university education, the students put in maximum effort and concentration to get the best from the education that is being imparted.

The pay scale of teachers teaching in universities is also high as compared to the salary received by teachers teaching in schools.

Teachers teaching young children in schools are answerable to the management and the parents. Schools have regular parent’s teachers meetings where every aspect of the student’s school life is questioned. This however is not the case of teachers teaching in universities and colleges.

A teacher is not held responsible for the performance of a student and she or he does not have to give detailed reports of the students’ performances. All that a teacher teaching in universities has to do is teach to the best of her/his ability.
A university teacher teaching in universities does not have much correction work as well. This is because university students are not given much homework and frequent tests are also not conducted.

Tips and comments

Teachers share their knowledge with the students by teaching and as the university students are more receptive to teaching, it gives them more satisfaction. The knowledge that the students gain at the university level helps them to build a career, for this they remain grateful to their teachers.

By Sia Attavar, published at 03/04/2012
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